Your BitcoinSV Gets You Gift Cards to Premium Brands Instantly at Zero Cost

Oct 10, 2020

For Immediate Release:

Holders of BitcoinSV (“Satoshi’s Vision”) can now acquire goods and services from major retail and online stores with a single swipe thanks to a partnership between, the world’s best gift card reseller, and Anypay Inc, the world’s friendliest bitcoin company. The service gives retailers who accept BitcoinSV for payment a way to instantly spend the BitcoinSV they have earned at their business rather than selling for dollars on an exchange.

Anypay CEO Steven Zeiler says of the deal, “Business owners always say to us, ‘Okay, I will accept bitcoin, but what can I do with it?’ Sure, they can use it to post on Twetch, which is great, but in order for it to make sense for their business, they have to be able to turn that revenue around and use it to grow their business. Now retailers earning BitcoinSV can do that.”

With instant access to major retailers like Lowes, Home Depot, Target, Sephora and Nordstrom, now they can take payment in BitcoinSV, and then immediately turn around and spend that money on things they need to grow their business — or just things they want to enjoy, like a Hulu subscription, Callaway golf clubs, or an international flight on American Airlines. Or Uber. Everyone uses that.

Zeiler continued, “In the past, the answer was always something like, ‘You can sell it on an exchange for dollars and lose a bit of money in the process.’ Now they can keep 100% of their earnings and actually do something useful and familiar, not weird and new.”

Optimized For BitcoinSV Wallets

This product marks the latest expansion in offerings by Anypay, which earned its reputation for simple, elegant, user experiences that work intuitively like magic — beginning with the Anypay Point of Sale app for iOS and Android, and growing to include a one-click WordPress plugin, and a bitcoin platform for app developers. 

The gift card marketplace, called Pow.Cards, is a web app that works both inside a regular web browser as well as inside a wallet such as RelayX and Centbee. Users log in with a swipe, purchase gift cards to premium brands, and then spend them, all inside their favorite bitcoin wallet.

This service is available immediately at the website Pow.Cards. Anypay CEO Steven Zeiler expects that wallets such as RelayX will be among the first to integrate their gift card marketplace into their wallet to make their wallet more attractive to new users who want to do more with their bitcoin wallet than just sending and receiving BitcoinSV.

Press Contact: Derrick Horton, President, Anypay Inc.