And What You Can Do About It…

Since the beginning of time, surely soon after the Bitcoin genesis block, we have asked the first and most obvious question: “Where can I spend this new kind of money?” Even before the blockchain began I remember studying the map of Austin businesses purportedly accepting Liberty Dollars with fascinated awe. Naturally people are draw to maps, and business managers are always eager to promote their businesses on the map.

A map turns “Where in the world?” into “There in the world.” It connects enthusiasts with great products and welcoming service. Your hard work as a crypto activist pays off much more effectively when a well-known map draws more amazing cryptonauts to your neighbourhood to delight in your favourite local businesses. Furthermore, business managers in your area will be so pleased with Bitcoin and your marketing efforts as you can consistently bring them new customers. A map has the ability to provide immense value all over the world.

However let us not ignore the dark side of many (dare I say all) crypto maps, which are often packed with stale or misleading information. Have you ever visited a business that was supposed to accept Bitcoin, but the cashier or manager had no idea what you are talking about? Ooof! It is a punch in the gut — your disappointment momentarily inspires tiny panicked thoughts that Bitcoin may never work.

Dozens of Bitcoin activists have recounted this same story to me. Yes, Boston has over twenty businesses on CoinMap, but how many actually accept Bitcoin? Zero. Philadelphia is the same, zero actual businesses accepting Bitcoin. The problem is so bad that these maps become untrustworthy. They quickly lose all value and are abandoned. Power users move on to a new map, Discover Dash or Marco Coino for Bitcoin Cash, but the same challenges crop up and these projects will likely go stale and be again abandoned, repeating this pattern until something systematically changes.

How do we make sure the data on the maps are not bogus? Even with attentive moderation to verify one time that a business is set up to accept coins they could decide to stop or if no one goes to patronize them they will give up but yet remain on the map. It is impossible to understand at a glance the difference between a highly active business consistently drawing in crypto enthusiasts, and one that hasn’t received a payment since the days of Mt. Gox. Yet a solutions exists. The key lies in connecting real, live information about crypto payments in a place to the map. By correlating real economic data with visual clues on the map we begin to see how an accurate promotional map is possible.

Imaging seeing at a glance which businesses accepted Bitcoin Cash this week, versus which haven’t in two months, and which have not in a long, long time. Now your next meetup can easily find a great place to visit where you can be sure to be accepted with open arms and smiling service. Alternatively your friends could decide to visit a lonely business that hasn’t been patronized by a Bitcoin Cash customer in a month or two. That way you keep Bitcoin alive in their hearts. Just make sure to tip well!

As eternal lovers of digital cash, team Anypay set out to solve the fundamental challenge of crypto maps, and designed the best map to satisfy the community’s needs.

Check it out now, go ahead, visit and experience it for yourself. Immediately the difference is clear.

Green markers indicate businesses who have received crypto in the last week. You are pretty much guaranteed to have a good time at these places. Yellow markers show that yes, this place has received a payment in the last month. A red market begins to send an alarming signal. The time has come to revisit this place and restart their relationship with crypto before it is too late and they decide to abandon it forever. Red markers mean a business has not received a payment in more than a month but yes in the last three.

Finally we come to the dreaded truth. Those businesses who may have never truly been on board, or who are totally starving for crypto customers. Grey markets tell us businesses who haven’t received a payment in more than three months. Perhaps you decide to try to bring them back to life, though it is probably a good idea to call ahead of time to confirm.

“This map sounds awesome!” you exclaim. But is it real? You bet it is, did you visit the map earlier this this article? If not, go to now to see for yourself.

Now I bet you feel a tinge of envy, wishing your favourite business was on this map. Good news you are in luck. Anyway builds the easies, most delightful crypto app for retail businesses. We work with hundreds of merchants to most please cashiers, managers, owners and customers alike. Truly Anyway removes the friction of Bitcoin payments.

Plus it is free! Every verified business using Anypay to accept Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Cash and many others automatically appear on the map. What are you waiting for? Visit today and email with any questions, we are standing by to support your crypto activism across the globe.

In Liberty,
Steven Zeiler
CEO, Anypay