Hundreds of merchants using the AnyPay Point of Sale noticed a new feature appear on their crypto cash register this week.

You can now accept XRP for payment from tech-savvy customers. XRP is the second largest crypto asset by market cap. This means that forward-thinking merchants around the world can now take instant payment from one of the most popular and widely used cryptocurrencies, priced in their native currency, and paid into their own wallets.

Want to take XRP at your business?

Get a wallet

  1. First, you need a wallet to store your XRP. I use Edge Wallet for Android (there is an iOS version, too). It works well and is user-friendly, and thanks to a request by AnyPay, the wallet supports the XRP destination tags in a QR code. That makes the user experience super slick. Get it in your Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Edge requires a username and password. Once you download it and register, you will notice that it already comes pre-loaded with a Bitcoin wallet. Tap the + button on the right to add another wallet for XRP.
  3. You can choose from a number of wallets Edge supports, but for our purposes, just tap the XRP or type in “XRP” into the search to filter your results.
  4. Next, you will set your denomination — what type of currency you want your XRP priced in. USD? GBP? EUR? etc. Scroll through the list or again type in your chosen denomination to filter the results.
    Next, name your wallet. Default name is “My XRP,” but you can change it to anything you like.
  5. Finally, review and tap “Create Wallet.”

You will see your new XRP wallet appear on the Edge Wallet home screen. Congratulations! You have an XRP wallet. You can now accept XRP from anyone, anywhere in the world. Next, let us add your XRP address to your AnyPay account so that you can accept XRP easily at your business, even when you or your mobile are not present to accept payments.

Add your address

  1. Go to — If you already have an account, simply log in using your email and password. If this is your first time using AnyPay, click “Register” and create an account with an email address and password.
  2. To set your XRP address, tap “Settings” and then “Addresses.” You will see a list of supported coins. Add a valid address of each type in order to activate that coin on your crypto cash register. In this case, let us add your new XRP address.
  3. Go to your Edge Wallet and tap the new XRP wallet you created. Edge will present a one-time warning to you about how you need 20 XRP in your wallet for it to become active and for you to see transactions. Tap the “Copy” button to copy your XRP wallet address.
  4. Paste your XRP address exactly into the “Set XRP Address” text box in the AnyPay Addresses page. Click “Submit.”
  5. You will see the address appear above the text box to show that your address has been saved. Congratulations! You have now set your XRP address with your AnyPay account. (Optional: If needed, this is where you can set your denomination to something other than USD by clicking the “Settings” button and then “Denominations.”)
  6. To begin collecting payments from customers, tap the “POS App” button at the top of the AnyPay Admin menu. You will be redirected to the Point of Sale app.

Test it

  1. You will notice there is now an XRP logo at the bottom-left of the POS app. Generate an XRP invoice by tapping the numbers, for example 5-0-0-0 for $50.00 USD, and then tap “Next.”
  2. A fresh QR code that includes a destination tag will appear. Your customers scan this QR code with their XRP wallet and send the exact amount of XRP you are requesting.
  3. When the user sends, the transaction is complete in 3 seconds or less. You see the screen light up green and say, “PAID” with the amount of XRP you requested. Hooray! You just received XRP!
  4. Want proof? Check your wallet!

There. That took about 15 minutes or less to set up, and you are finished forever. Now you or your staff can safely generate as many XRP invoices as you want and all of the XRP will go right into your wallet. Pretty slick, huh? You will find that XRP is pretty cool. Just wait until you see what cool things it is going to enable you to do on AnyPay in the near future.

Were you successful in setting up? Tell us about it!

We want to know about your business and help drive new XRP customers to you. Send an email to or tweet @anypay_ or tag us on Instagram, or post on Reddit, so we know you are out there!

Peace and love,

Derrick, Anypay