Easy Bitcoin Payments

Staff training takes maybe 60 seconds.

How to take your customers’ bitcoin payments.

The “City” Way

One to three seconds

Step 1: Check

Check your notifications for a payment. How?

Step 2: Record

Record the payment in your POS

The “Country” Way

Six to twelve seconds

Step 1: Open

Open the Anypay app by tapping the icon like you would with any other app.

Step 2: Enter amount

Enter the amount for the customer to pay by tapping the buttons on the keypad screen.

Step 3: Green Arrow

Tap the green arrow to move to the payment screen.

Step 4: Customer’s Turn

The customer scans the QR code and sends payment.

Step 5: Mark PAID

The screen says “PAID” when payment is complete. Press the green arrow to move along to the next payment. Mark down the payment as paid in your regular point of sale.