These services will blow your mind. All are BSV only.

May 21, 2020

You need to know about these.

Most people who think they are “in bitcoin” connect a bank account to Coinbase, log into Twitter, and watch the red and green candles take them on emotional rollercoaster rides like pathetic gambling addicts.

Anyone who is worth anything actually uses bitcoin. And if you use bitcoin, you quickly discover what’s good and what’s not. I shouldn’t even be telling you this because so much of bitcoin is an intelligence test to keep stupid people out, but at the risk of alienating myself from the most intelligent among us, here are some links to stuff that I personally have used and really think you ought to know about.

In alphabetical order:


audioB – Discover and share original audio created by independent music producers, podcasters, DJs and more. Reward your favourite artists with micro-payments, powered by Bitcoin SV.


Ark – App and Chrome Extension powered by BitcoinSV that gives you the super power to save stories and articles and cool websites that you love. Imagine if every time you saw an article you liked but didn’t have time to read, you could just save it in your Ark. It then gets posted to the blockchain in its entirety, so even if the website goes down or gets censored, you still have it permanently recorded. Of course, everything is locked up and protected the same way your bitcoin wallet is — with a 12-word backup phrase. Now imagine you are long gone, and your grandchildren want to know what made you such a great person. What was grandpa reading back in 2020? You can hand over your 12-word phrase to anyone you want, and they can see the entire history of everything you ever posted. All the articles you read and liked and wanted to save. Everything.


Baemail – Encrypt emails and apply economics to your inbox. Instead of all emails being free (which, nothing is truly free) — you can attach bitcoin to messages you send to friends. Your inbox can tell people, “Hey, to send George a message and have your email appear at the top of his inbox, you will need to attach $1.28” — Wouldn’t you be a lot more likely to open and read an email if you got paid for your precious time?

bico.mediaUpload huge files of any type to the bitcoin blockchain and share them as easily as you do a link. Pictures, audio, video, documents, whatever. This site makes it super easy. Upload, pay some bitcoin, and enjoy your files.


bitpic – An avatar that you post in one place, on bitcoin, and you can use it on all of your web services. It’s like Gravitar, but you own it (with your keys). It’s nice having a profile picture!


bitstagram – A cool, easy place to post and share pictures that you want to save for a long time. Sort of like Instagram, but instead of some faceless corporation owning your pictures once you post them, these pictures are yours. Meaning, they were published and signed using your keys. So you can cryptographically prove ownership. Take your posts and republish them anywhere you please. – A website that gives you the super power to post text to the bitcoin blockchain. All your posts are signed with your private key. You can show previews of your posts to everyone on the site, reveal the whole thing, or put all or part of it behind a paywall. When you pay to read someone’s content, that is a bitcoin transaction that goes from your wallet to theirs, and it leaves a permanent record of that transaction on the blockchain. Beautiful. Owning your keys means you can always take your content with you with that same 12-word backup phrase you use for your wallet and pop it into any bitcoin client. Amazing.

Coin Dance

Coin Dance – The most important bitcoin charts you need to see. All the essentials about BTC, BCH, and BSV. Hash rates, transaction volumes, average fees, etc. Even a brief look at these charts will reveal exciting insights into the past, present, and future of bitcoin.


HandCash – The best Bitcoin wallet. Period. I love to use it. I have used dozens over the years. This one puts them all to shame. You can have a handle, so no more annoying scanning long strings of letters and numbers. Just send $5 to $derrickj and you’re done. Instant confirmation, so you can turn around and spend your money right away. Of course it works even if you only send $0.01. Supports the Anypay Protocol. These guys are the best.

Money Button

Money Button – Holy hell, this one is amazing. You have no idea. Imagine a button that can appear on any site, and you swipe the button, and it pays. There are even invisible Money Buttons so that when you click the “Like” button on a post, it automatically pays out $0.02 or whatever it costs. For programmers, this is amazing because if you wanted to sell a mug on your website before, you had to take in all kinds of baloney information and have forms and security and make it do all this complicated stuff but now with Money Button, all that is taken care of magically with Bitcoin. You can use this to power all kinds of stuff, like identity verification, and signing into apps like Twetch, where you can use it for your wallet as well. It also supports creating countless Paymails that you can even put on the market for others to buy with Bitcoin!


Planaria – A way to use bitcoin as a computer. I don’t fully understand this one because my IQ just isn’t high enough, but my understanding is that you can write programs and they can be executed by anyone (or anything) interacting with them via bitcoin transactions.

Planaria Corp

Planaria Corp – A profit-seeking corporation based in New York City that aims to create powerful, simple, and elegant tools for people to use to build on bitcoin. It’s almost like the world has just begun, and man has just invented fire (bitcoin), and Planaria Corp opened up a Home Depot across the street from our caves. Here’s a hammer. Here’s a chainsaw. Here’s some pipes. Here’s some wheels. They have got it all. How do they do it?

Retro Twetch

Retro Twetch – A proof of concept that you can take the same content on Twetch and apply a new lens on top in order to use a different interface. It’s beautiful and works really well. Sometimes more fun to use than actual Twetch. And created by a super cool and helpful explainer Joshua Henslee. He’s awesome.


sCrypt – Wow so this one is ambitious. sCrypt is a programming language created to make it easy for coders to make cool stuff happen on the bitcoin blockchain. It can take human-readable code and convert it into machine readable code that bitcoin knows how to work with. You can do loops and everything you would expect from a real programming language because bitcoin is Turing complete.

Simply Cash

Simply Cash – A terrific wallet that I love to recommend. Simple. It opens right up, and you’re ready to go. Supports Paymail (a way to use a human-readable address rather than a long jumbled up mess of letters and numbers to communicate your bitcoin address.

True Reviews

True Reviews – Imagine if trolls couldn’t leave fake reviews. Yeah. Only verified customers. True Reviews uses cryptographic proofs in bitcoin to link your wallet to your reviews, so businesses can know with certainty that the person leaving a review on their page actually purchased something from their store. Businesses can focus on serving their real customers.


Twetch – One of the coolest and most ambitious products of the new century. Twetch is so much more than a Twitter on the blockchain. Their CEO Josh Petty and his terrific team of badasses have a solid vision and an attitude that matches their die-hard work ethic. They are building the interface to bitcoin. There’s a lot in that sentence, so it will take too long to unpack here, but you definitely want to start down this rabbit hole if you value your future.


WeatherSV – Remember the Ministry of Truth in 1984? They would change information in old newspapers to modify the past. He who controls the past, controls the present. He who controls the present, controls the future. So it goes. But now, with WeatherSV, that would be an impossibility. Because the weather data is stored to an immutable, distributed ledger called bitcoin.

Okay, now keep these to yourself. I don’t want word getting out that I shared them with you. If anyone asks, pretend you discovered them on your own.

With great love and respect,

Derrick Horton
President, Anypay Inc.