Anypay gives you and your customers advantages over the other cryptocurrency processors. Here is why you will have a more delightful experience when you choose Anypay for your business.

DashBack and Bitcoin CashBack – Your customers get instant rewards for shopping with DASH and BCH. The rewards come from us at Anypay, not from you the merchant. That means we pay customers to come increase your revenues without any cost to you — and no complicated rewards program that requires your personal info!

Your businesses stays active – We prevent your business from going stale and falling off the map by constantly driving new customers to your store with our interactive map.

Save Time and Headaches – Anypay makes your accountant love you. Because we made this section by working hand in hand with accountants to provide them with exactly what they need in one click. CSV export to Quickbooks means tracking your bitcoin sales is as automatic as tracking your credit card sales. Anypay gives you a charts dashboard full of info. Which coin is the most popular at your store? How much of each coin are you receiving? How does that compare to previous months? Which coin is the most popular at other businesses?

Grab and Go – Then we added cool things like “Grab and Go” and realized, “Okay now we can charge something because we actually innovated on the payment experience here. But still, we shouldn’t charge very much.” We decided $0.05 on more complex transactions sounds fair.

Professional – We are three guys working full time in an office in New England. Anypay’s software tools as sturdy as the brick buildings that line our streets. Get personalized service and attention from our team  — we have your back.

Ambassador Rewards – People who set up businesses can earn passive income. 1% on all BCH and DASH transactions go right into your wallet instantly for helping set up a business with Anypay.

Cash-Out – Instantly take away the risk of accepting volatile cryptocurrencies. Receive next-day deposits into your bank account. No charge. (Only New Hampshire and select businesses.)

Affordable professional software – You would expect a payment processor to take a fee. Everyone tells us we should. We thought, “Why should we charge a fee when one person is handing over cash to another person?” So we made our basic app and all its features free