Anypay Completes Retail Integration of Shielded Zcash

Apr 30, 2019

Imagine: You walk into your favorite store, pick out some cool sunglasses, walk up to the register, and pay with shielded Zcash before walking out the door to greet the world with your cool new shades on.

This is not a dream. This is real. And it is active right now!

Shielded Zcash is now available to any retail store or business! No ID required, no bank account, not even an email address! Totally private digital cash.

Tell your favorite cafe, bar, or restaurant. Tell your favorite thrift shop, upscale boutique, or salon. Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell the world!

Zcash, the way you always wanted, is now yours.

How it works:

1) A business downloads the Anypay app from the app store (iOSAndroid, or web).

2) Owner scans or pastes their Zcash address. (t- or z- style)

That’s it! The whole setup process from start to finish takes about 30 seconds.

Take unlimited payments!

Empower customer privacy!

Be super cool!

Payments end up right in the merchant’s wallet, even if the merchant doesn’t know how to use Z-addresses. Your payments get to be shielded, and they get to stack up the Zcash in transparent form in their Coinomi wallet (if they want to).

Don’t believe me. Try it for yourself. You will not believe how stupidly simple it is, and how fast!

This not only *can* work for retail businesses, it already *does*!

Two places currently openly advertise that they accept shielded Zcash using Anypay (our free Point of Sale app):

One is a French Restaurant and Cafe, La Maison Navarre in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

The other is a, um, Tobacconist. Portsmouth Smoke and Vape in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Not surprisingly, these stores are both located in Anypay’s home town. We work closely with these merchants to test in real life whether or not our POS is good enough for prime time. Well guess what. It is.

So by next month, we hope to see more than just these two. But we will need your help. Our app is free. We do not charge a fee for use to either the merchant or the customer. That means we rely on people like you to tell your favorite businesses about us. To help you, we made a handy website you can send them to that will tell them everything they need to start taking Zcash at their business.

Okay, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed the news. Please hit me back with any feedback you may have after trying out Anypay. I think you’re going to love it.

Oh, one more thing! This would not be possible without ZecWallet, and the man behind it. ZecWallet is an app that enables anyone to easily use shielded zcash. Download it for your Mac, Windows, or Linux machine, sync with the Zcash blockchain, and then pair with the Android app available in the Google Play store. Then you are ready to use shielded Zcash on your mobile! Without it, Anypay’s merchant POS would not be very exciting for Zcash users, as users would only be able to pay with transparent addresses. Not as cool as shielded, right? So thank you, ZecWallet, for making life more fun.

All my love,

Derrick J. Freeman

Product Manager, Anypay Inc.