Setup Biz, Earn Rewards Every Day

May 15, 2020

What if you got bitcoin in your wallet every day?

If you set up businesses with Anypay Cash Register, not only can you give them a free and easy tool for accepting bitcoin payments, but you can also get rewards whenever people shop there.

Tons of people are already doing the hard work without getting much in the way of benefits. Now there is a system, live today, where they can earn passive income in bitcoin, delight their local businesses with an easy-to-use app for accepting multiple types of bitcoin, and drive a steady stream of traffic to those business to keep them active.

Some people have been receiving payments for months! We began this program with a pilot group of about 5 people, and now it is ready for you and your friends to take advantage of the opportunity. Get several wins in one by setting up your favorite businesses with Anypay.