Modernizing Payments

Mobile apps accounted for more than 30 percent of global digital commerce volume in 2017.* However many still pay using technology invented in the disco era. Credit cards expose users to unnecessary risks like identity theft, third-party monitoring, and frozen payments.

Traditional payments infrastructure is dated and flawed. Anypay connects customers, retailers, and e-commerce sites to provide one frictionless payment experience, whether in person or across the globe.

* McKinsey, Global Payments Industry Study, 2018


Accept digital currencies like bitcoin at your business. Our free point of sale app works on any device and supports all the popular coins your customers want to spend. Plus, we invented Dash-Back, the instant reward that pays customers to shop at your store.

Anypay is integrated with CoinText, allowing for payments by text message. Corner stores in the far reaches of the world can replace Western Union and keep money in the local economy by buying and selling digital cash.


By providing simple and elegant crypto payment solutions for e-commerce websites, Anypay enables your customers to shop with the same privacy as using cash in a retail store, with none of the hassle of leaving their slippers. eGifter.com chooses Anypay to tap into a market of customers who otherwise would never find them. We can do the same for your e-commerce business. 


You are busy building the best currency imaginable. So who is going to help you turn it into usable money in the marketplace? Anypay has serious customers like Dash DAO and the Electric Coin Company (Zcash). We specialize in taking your unique product and making it work beautifully in a retail environment. You have a coin that people want to use in commerce? We can make that happen.