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"I set up my local grocery store in Ghana with Anypay. Now I can buy rice with Dash, and I get Dash-Back!"
Fushieni Lukman
University Student
"I set up a car dealership to accept crypto, and Anypay made it easy. Their tools work the way a business expects."
Doug Weisberg
Crypto Consultant
"I have personally set up dozens of business in Bangkok with Anypay. Their point of sale is the best."
Felix Mago
Dash Embassy Thailand

Now You Can Pay With Dash At A Car Dealership In New Hampshire

A New Hampshire car dealership has seen its first car being sold entirely in dash, signaling a change to the way business managers think of cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

The days of paying with fiat are slowly changing. As the crypto market steadily gains mainstream attention, paying for day-to-day items with it is becoming the norm. With more places accepting crypto, it’s no longer a question of ‘what can I buy with it?’. Now, items being paid for are becoming more serious, more tangible.

Take the purchase of a 2012 Ford Fusion at the AutoFair dealership in Merrimack, New Hampshire, U.S. As the 13th most valuable cryptocurrency, dash is helping to lead the way with digital payments. Through the use of AnyPay, a cryptocurrency point-of-sale app, the transaction was processed at a cost of $8,316, amounting to a payment of 40.68405 dash, paid in full and up front. (Read more…)

Market Downturn? The People Using Crypto Show Why The Market Is Not Dead

A look back into the history of bitcoin shows that it has ‘died’ 345 times since its existence.

These so-called bitcoin obituaries have been collected by 99Bitcoins, a bitcoin information site. The oldest dates back to a 2010 blog when bitcoin was trading around $0.23, while the most recent is from an article published by Wired earlier this month.

Yet, despite the continued demise of bitcoin – and the crypto market as a whole – plenty of people still believe in it and what it stands for.

A few of these people include artist Nanu Berks, Diego Zaldivar, CEO of RSK, an open-source smart contract platform, and Ian Freeman, minister of the Shire Free Church, host of radio show Free Talk Live, co-founder of the Bitcoin Embassy New Hampshire, located in the city of Keene, and program director of LRN.FM, the Liberty Radio Network. (Read more…)

Making Bitcoin Real: Portsmouth, N. H., Businesses Begin Accepting BTC

Another establishment has begun accepting Bitcoin as payment in what is fast becoming one of the most Bitcoin-centric towns in the United States.

Street, a posh restaurant featuring food inspired from around the globe, began accepting Bitcoin earlier this month. The integration came as a result of outreach by Steven Zeiler, a local software developer and Bitcoin evangelist, who has also succeeded in getting a local yoga studio he frequents to take Bitcoin. (Read more…)

The Sky Isn’t Falling: Steven Zeiler on Why Bitcoin’s Future Is Strong

SZ: Everything being equal, more Bitcoin payments might lead to higher confirmation times, but the trend I see is wallets and payment processors researching and implementing technology to increase confidence. The market for wallets is heating up, and the ones with the best confirmation experience and technology will win greater share.

Ultimately confirmation comes down to trust, do you trust the person paying you isn’t going to double-spend? If so your confirmation time is equal to the transaction broadcast propagation time, ie almost instantaneous. When shopping locally, I feel a high degree of trust with my neighbors so trust isn’t a limiting factor. Chances are that if a transaction makes it into the mempool, it is going to become part of the blockchain. (Read more…)

World’s Longest-Running Weekly Bitcoin Meetup Celebrates 200th Meetup

The Manchester Bitcoin meetup, the world’s longest-running weekly Bitcoin meetup, just celebrated its 200th consecutive meetup.

The meetup, started in 2012 by the Harvey brothers of Lamassu fame, has taken place every Sunday evening in Manchester, New Hampshire since then without fail.

Derrick J. Freeman, prominent local cryptocurrency activist and one of the meetup’s attendees, summed up its significance:

“Weekly meetups like the one in Manchester give the Bitcoin community a pulse. It says to the world, “We’re alive and growing — Bitcoin hasn’t gone anywhere.” In fact, the people at this meetup would be just as happy to help a n00b set up their first Bitcoin wallet as they would to discuss Ethereum mining or their Dash Masternode. Manchester’s monumental 200th meetup also shows outsiders that crypto is mainstream — not a bunch of geeks in forums. Bitcoiners are your neighbors, your waitress, and the guys playing pool at the bar.”

The Missing Link to Crypto Adoption: Anypay’s Story

Enter Anypay. A multi-currency crypto point-of-sale system, Anypay saw heaviest use from Dash due to its usefulness from reliably low fees and fast transactions. However, that alone wasn’t enough to cause steady economic use, so the DashBack feature was developed, which gave both customers and merchants a small bonus for each transaction processed by the system. Before, people were simply paid to hodl. Now, they’re paid to spend. This gives an incentive to not only hold on for the long term, but also spend in the short term, as well as acquire more, since possessing Dash now allows one to save money. (Read more…)

Nov 8, 2017

ANYPAY.Global Integrates CoinText for Free Crypto POS Without Internet

Freeman also co-founded, a free merchant POS. Its purpose is to make taking and spending crypto easier than the average e-wallet. In fact, he claims a merchant POS through his company can be set up in a matter of minutes.

More recently, they’ve teamed with CoinText, the firm using SMS technology to allow crypto such as bitcoin cash (BCH) to be sent through text messaging, no internet needed. It’s proving to be a powerful combination already, though they’re only in a beta integration stage, as Freeman explains in this episode. (Read more…)

Bitcoin Shoppe Open in New Hampshire

Derrick J. Freeman and Steven Zeiler founded what they claim is the first crypto-only brick and mortar retail establishment in America (and they stress, the first and only in all of North America and South America, for that matter), the Free State Bitcoin Shoppe. Visitors pay for merchandise with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. If they don’t have cryptocurrency, the store clerk helps them download and fund their first wallet. They checkout using an Ipad in a Square stand running New Hampshire-based free point-of-sale software Anypay. caught up with Mr. Freeman for an exclusive interview.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire hasn’t been widely thought to be a hotbed of crypto activity. It just might be, and it probably has something to do with the Free State Project (FSP). Yale doctoral student Jason Sorens basically wrote about a secessionist movement of the most personal sort. It wound up evolving into asking 20,000 freedom-loving people to build a political force in the state of New Hampshire, the “Live Free or Die” state. “A large portion of the people who moved to New Hampshire in search of freedom are bitcoin users,” Derrick J. Freeman explained. “That’s because they know about the Federal Reserve. Once you know about that, and you know there’s an alternative, it’s pretty hard to reconcile your personal responsibility for its perpetuation.”