Q&A with Derrick Freeman from Anypay Inc.

Apr 9, 2020

Quite a long time already BSV, BCH, DASH, and BTC are available on the Anypay Cash Register app, which is designed to provide everyone the ability to accept digital assets for payments at their business. Quick and easy. This interview reveals how Anypay can give business an advantage over your competition.

What is Anypay? What is it for?

The Anypay Cash Register is a free app that adds bitcoin as a payment option at your business.

The Anypay Cash Register is easy and intuitive for your staff to use. It is free in the app stores. You can download it right now (iOS and Android), set your address, and you are ready to take payments in literally seconds.

What are the advantages of Anypay? Who are your target users?

The advantages for using Anypay Cash Register are compelling: First, Anypay is #1 in the world for ease of use. You really can’t mess anything up. It walks you through the quick setup in a simple way without asking for a bunch of compromising information.

No email required.

You don’t even need an email address to use the app. There are advantages to providing one, though. You can link multiple devices to one account, view sales reports (for easy accounting), add yourself to the Anypay Map, offer a bitcoin tip jar, and magically receive payments with zero hardware.

Map attracts customers to you.

Adding yourself to the Anypay Map takes a few seconds to type in your business name and address. Once there, nearby crypto users can easily find you. Not only that, but your Anypay Cash Register app provides instant updates to the map when someone makes a crypto payment at your store. Instantly know if a business has taken a crypto payment in the last week, last month, or maybe it has been longer than that, and they need some love and attention! This is a great tool for crypto meetups and communities to rally around local businesses and keep them actively accepting payments.

We pay your customers to shop.

One popular advantage is Anypay’s CashBack program. Specially designed to inspire crypto-savers to finally plunk down their coins and spend them in the real world, Anypay rewards users with an instant bonus for spending their coins at a local business. Your business needs to reach out to Anypay by email to verify that you are a real business, but when you do, your customers will get 10% back on all their purchases — instantly! Right now this program is active for DASH and BCH only.

Kickbacks for onboarding merchants.

Anypay Cash Register is the obvious choice for you if you want your city to become a crypto-hub because you can get paid when people spend crypto. Anypay calls this our Ambassador Program. Say you love a yoga studio. You want them to take crypto. Set them up with the Anypay Cash Register and let us know about it, and you get paid every time someone spends there. Right now we award 1% for sales in BCH and DASH. You earn passive income from setting up businesses to accept crypto with the Anypay Cash Register.

No Cashier? No Problem!

Here’s another one: Anypay Grab and Go. Say you run a business. You use Square as your POS. Simply sign in to the Anypay Admin app, tap “Connect with Square,” enter your Square login, and boom. All of your inventory now has QR code printable labels that your customers can use to pay without your cashier even opening the Anypay Cash Register. There is a popular health food store near the Anypay office where our staff likes to grab lunch, and get this — we can skip the line! Because you can pay for the items directly, the cashier gets a notification on her device, and you are on your way out the door!

No hardware needed.

Okay, best one for last: Anypay’s Energy City app. This is really cool. Businesses that use Anypay get a special way to pay that removes the need to interact with cashier entirely. The customer opens the Energy City app on their phone, selects a nearby business, enters the amount to pay, and pays right from their phone. You can even send a tip to their tip jar — from any distance! Want to send payment in advance before picking up your salad order? Go ahead and use Energy City, and the business can see, “Oh, look at that, a paid invoice for $11.99” — “Hey, yep — that was me. I’m here for my salad.” And off you go, looking futuristic as hell.

Regarding adoption, what are the most important qualities in a digital asset?

The most important quality of digital asset adoption is: Connectedness. A close second is the security of the network, but first, good money must connect you to the things you want. Good money connects people to their favorite places and things. So any money that is going to be adopted needs to be useful to people besides yourself. One way you can advance adoption of a cryptocurrency is by accepting it yourself in exchange for goods and services offered in the marketplace. The easiest and best way to do that is by downloading the Anypay Cash Register app and adding your business to the map.

What are Anypay’s fees?

No fees for regular use. Why should there be fees to accept money from your customers? The Anypay Cash Register app lets you enter your addresses and walk away. You will never have to hang around and awkwardly accept payments directly on your phone. Instead, your staff will use the same iPad they are already using to take payments from other customers, and boom — the payments go right into your wallet. The only fees are the transaction fee for sending payment, and fee to forward payment along to the merchant. Those fees go to the miners securing the network, not to Anypay. There is a $0.05 fee that goes to Anypay when you use those printable Grab-and-Go QR codes, since that is actually an innovation that will save your business time and money and make it more efficient and make the cashier’s job more delightful. That’s the only fee right now — $0.05 on Grab-and-Go items.

Can a beginner use Anypay?

OF COURSE a beginner can use Anypay! It is the easiest platform. If a person wants to accept payments in Bitcoin but has never done that before, here’s what you do:

  1. Download the Edge wallet or some other wallet.
  2. Copy the addresses.
  3. Paste them into the Anypay Cash Register.

You now accept bitcoin. It doesn’t matter what device you use — payments go right into your wallet. You can go surfing while your cashier rings up customers, and boom, coins land in your pocket.

Anypay also offers the simplest and most delightful WooCommerce Plugin for accepting bitcoin on your WordPress site. Search “Anypay” in the WooCommerce plugin store, and click “Activate.” Paste in your addresses, and you’re good to go.

Really, Anypay makes the best tools for bitcoin users because it is *made by bitcoin users.* We don’t just make this stuff because other people demand it. We make it because WE demand it! We want to have the coolest, best experience when paying — better than cash and credit cards because that’s when we can see adoption really take off. When we provide an easier, faster, more efficient experience for your business and your customers, everybody wins.