Choose a Plan that Works for Your Business

We offer tiers to fit every business, no matter how big or how small. Get the professional payment experience your business deserves with the ease of use your staff needs. Our prices beat every competitor in the industry because we are the most efficient software.

What You Get For Your Business

The most professional solution for taking bitcoin payments. Guaranteed perfect payments every time. Easy for your staff to use. Most affordable price in the industry.

Setup in Minutes

From start to finish takes less than fifteen minutes. Follow our simple instructions and your business will be ready to accept payments in a professional manner today.

Video Tutorials

Watch step-by-step videos in your language how to setup our software, how to take a payment, how to connect your exchange, how to convert to your bank, and more.

Certified Bitcoin Business

Get your business recognized as an industry leader. Your unique certificate not only proves your business accepts bitcoin — it connects you with our network of merchants.

Simple, No-Fault Contract

Nobody wants to be locked in to a contract. Since we only charge per transaction, all you have to do to cancel is stop using the product. No recurring fees, ever.

Mobile App

Control your business dashboard from our mobile app for iOS and Android. Get notified of payments, change your settings, and take payments all from a mobile or tablet.

Multi-Solution Integrations

Whether you have one cash register or 100, we have you covered. We will work with your team no matter how large or small to make sure it is easy to accept bitcoin.

Integration Into Your Business

Your business deserves a professional solution for accepting bitcoin for payments. We work directly with the hardware and software you already use with our simple APIs to achieve seamless integration into your Point of Sale.


You are going to love how smooth it feels taking payments from your customers. We take care of everything in the background so you can focus on your business.

How does the basic tier work?

Anypay is 100% free to download. Anyone can start with a basic tier to test out the software and see how it works for their business. We recommend everyone start at this level. There is no commitment. There’s a flat $0.02 fee per transaction. Most businesses use this tier.

Do you charge any other fees?

99% of businesses that use our software pay a flat $0.02 fee per transaction, and that’s it. Big business that requires custom integration into a Point of Sale hardware and software pay a one-time fee of $2000 to work with your team to implement a seamless payment experience. Businesses with four or more registers are charged a one-time setup fee of $100 per register.

Can you build a bitcoin button into my existing Point of Sale?

Yes, we can add a bitcoin button right onto the same Point of Sale app you are using to collect regular cash and credit card payments today. You put us in touch with the company you use, give us a warm introduction, and tell them what you want. We have worked with other POS companies add a simple button so your cashier chooses: Cash, Credit, or Bitcoin.

Can I cancel at any time?

Cancelling is easy. Just stop using the software to take payments. Since Anypay doesn’t charge monthly and never locks you into a contract, you are free to stop paying anytime. All you have to do is stop using the software to take payments, and we are done. If you change your mind, starting back up is just as easy.

What is the difference between Professional and Enterprise?

Both Professional Tier and Enterprise Tier accounts connect directly to your exchange. That means when payments come in from your customers, the coins go to a site where they can be sold for bank money. The major difference is that with Enterprise Tier, we configure your sales to automatically convert to your bank.

How does it work exactly when a customer pays?

When your customer pays, their coins go directly to your wallet — whether that is a mobile wallet app, a hardware wallet with cold storage, or an online exchange account. Settlement is instant (less than a second). It is crystal clear when a customer has paid. They can’t pay the wrong amount or to the wrong address. Our system only allows for perfect payments.

Terms of Service

We respect your privacy. Our basic terms of use for all businesses, including small to large, promises to never sell your data or share with any third parties.

Examine the Code

Our API is simple and inter-operable. Pass this documentation along to your CTO to get an idea of how quick and easy it will be to integrate into your platform.

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