Bitcoin Payment Button – Get Paid Instantly & Give Customers a Professional Checkout Experience with Zero Technical Skills

Save time, look cool, make money. Add a bitcoin payment button to your site in seconds.

Anypay now offers the simplest way to get paid. The Anypay Button.

The Past

It used to be a horrible experience getting paid with bitcoin and other digital assets. You had to get a QR code, and paste a long code on your website, that would invariably be scoured by bots and recorded by 3rd parties for malicious reasons, then plaster them onto your website, and then somehow monitor them for payments. And even after all that, you still don’t know who sent you the payment, or if it was the right amount. What a sad mess.

Forget all that! Now you can have a slick button that you copy/paste onto your website, and boom: You accept Bitcoin. A lightning fast and highly professional experience awaits you.

The Present

Add an attractive bitcoin payment button to your web store, to your blog page, to anywhere you want! No technical skills required. Just create a free Anypay account, enter the addresses where you want payments to go, and then create as many “Anypay Buttons” as you want. Stick with one currency or make it multi-coin. Redirect users to a success page, or don’t. Require their email address before payment, or let them pay you anonymously.

All payments go directly from the customer to you — Anypay never steps between you and your money. Not even for a second. You get an email every time you get paid, and you can track all your payments with a simple dashboard. Export your history to a CSV file to make your accountant smile instead of frown.

The Future

You won’t believe how easy it is.

Derrick demonstrates how to add a bitcoin button to your blog or website.

Get the payment experience you and your users deserve. It takes only a few minutes to set up a free Anypay account.

Edge Wallet Saves You from Awkward Interactions

It is no secret that Edge Wallet is one of the most beloved apps in all of Bitcoin. They have been around forever, their wallet is open source, and their CEO and support team are approachable and responsive. They are constantly putting out useful content that educates and improves the lives of bitcoin users.

But did you know that Edge quietly added a secret feature this year that will save you countless awkward interactions? Even daily users may have missed it. This one small change has a huge impact on bitcoin adoption for retail. Here’s how:

Edge Wallet can scan Anypay QR codes with ease

Edge Wallet Can Scan This. Can Your Wallet?

Did you catch that? To the human eye, this looks like a regular QR code. Like the type you would scan to pay with your bitcoin wallet. But what you may not catch is that this QR code saves you from countless annoying and unnecessary hours of chit-chat with cashiers about what coin you want to pay with.

If you are not a daily bitcoin user, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. If you actually use bitcoin to pay for stuff in real life, then you know the pain:

The girl taking your order at the local cafe has never heard of Bitcoin Cash. She has barely heard about Bitcoin, and forget about asking her to take Dash! She will look at you, pause, then nervously call over to her coworker or the manager on duty to help her process your payment. You bashfully glance at the line behind you, now growing longer and throwing you angry glares for holding up the line with your stupid bitcoin thing. Can’t we just move this along?

Cashiers don't need to know all the coins supported by Edge Wallet

“Uhh… Never mind… I can just pay with a card if it’s easier…”

Total fail! Looks bad for you. Looks bad for Bitcoin. Gives negative impression to the cashiers, the owner (who sees almost zero Bitcoin payments), and everyone standing around watching curiously from the line. You just confirmed what everyone suspected: “I knew it wasn’t going to work. Bitcoin isn’t ready for primetime yet.”

The cashier is relieved. She feels happy and confident taking credit card payments. You, on the other hand, are left feeling like a total loser because you tried to be slick and use Bitcoin Cash and ended up paying with a card.

Be Cool and Use Bitcoin

News Flash! Cashiers don’t know about your favorite digital currency.

Even if they have heard of Bitcoin Cash, they probably won’t recognize its logo or ticker symbol. Finding the right buttons to push on their point of sale can be an impossible chore. All of this results in predictably horrible interactions at stores. You repeat slowly: “Bit-Coin-Cash.” — “No, not that one, the green one, yeah the one tilted the other way. It says BCH next to it. Yeah, that one.”

Edge Wallet work great with Anypay

Edge Wallet’s Secret Weapon

Use Edge Wallet to avoid this horrible fate. Like magic, Edge works in the background to communicate directly with payment processors like Anypay. It can send Anypay information about the wallet and grab information from Anypay about the coins that are accepted by the merchant.

In a split-second, Edge Wallet can read a QR code, decipher it, visit the URL inside, hit the API with a request, receive the necessary data for the payment, and then construct a signed transaction that meets all the parameters. With a swipe, instead of broadcasting the transaction, Edge sends it directly to the payment processor for validation — then the payment processor broadcasts it.

Edge Wallet is Great for Multi-Coin Payments

This method is way faster than broadcasting to the miners and then waiting for the payment processor to find the payment in the mempool. It’s also way more scalable, since the payment is delivered right to the processor, so they don’t have to scan every single transaction on every single blockchain just to find your needle-in-a-haystack payment. Also, it allows for some really cool things like multi-output payments. In a single swipe, you can make a payment to over a hundred different addresses! Among other things, one of the best features is the ability for Edge Wallet to pay the same QR code with DASH, BCH, BTC, BSV — it doesn’t matter! They can all pay, as long as the merchant accepts those coins.

Anypay logo works great with Edge Wallet Wallet Makes Payments Less Awkward

Your Wallet saves you from uncomfortable interactions with cashiers by talking directly with payment processors like Anypay.

People don’t usually brag about the mundane. But when it comes to Bitcoin payments, achieving the status of “mundane” is actually an achievement worth celebrating. Paying with bitcoin cash in stores or even online always required a volley of annoying and often confusing communication with the cashier. Now that is unnecessary thanks to Wallet implementing the Pay Protocol.

The problem is that cashiers don’t know about your favorite digital currency. Even if they have heard of it, they probably won’t recognize its logo or ticker symbol. Finding the right buttons to push on their point of sale can be an impossible chore. All of this results in predictably horrible interactions at stores. You repeat slowly: “Bit-Coin-Cash.” — “No, not that one, the green one, yeah the one tilted the other way. It says BCH next to it. Yeah, that one.”

Could you imagine if credit cards worked this way?

Cashier: “Cash or credit?”

You: “Credit”

Cashier: “Okay, what card would you like to pay with?”

You: “VISA”

Cashier: “Okay, let me just find that on here…”

Cashier takes payment from the Wallet
The Pay Protocol takes the guesswork out of bitcoin payments. Wallets like support the Pay Protocol.

Obviously, we don’t do it that way. Cashiers don’t ask you if you’d like to pay with a VISA or MasterCard. Instead, they ask, “Cash or Credit?” Once you say “Credit,” you can pay with any card that the business accepts. Now you can enjoy the same convenience if you use the Wallet thanks to the Pay Protocol. The cashier selects digital currency as the payment type, and boom — you get a QR code that can be paid in BCH or BTC. The same QR code. Multi-coin. Wallet for iOS and Android

Scan a single QR code with your Wallet, and pay with the coin of your choice.

Even the best stores that take bitcoin cash payments all the time still get new staff who lack training in taking digital payments. This saves you time and makes you look way cooler because there is less to communicate about. Your wallet does all the communication you need. Walk in, pay, walk out. Without awkwardly explaining bitcoin cash to yet another cashier. They will feel cool for being able to take your payment gracefully, and you will be cooler for being so slick.

Anypay QR code displaying a payment request using the Pay Protocol (pay:URL)
Pay Protocol Payment Request (pay:URL)

How does it work?

Sometimes it is enough to just know *that it works*. How it works is almost irrelevant. But for those who are curious, here’s the inside scoop. You know how often times an address will be written with a prefix, like, “bitcoin:” or “bitcoincash:”? Well, that is part of a protocol that communicates to your wallet what type of payment to make. The “pay protocol” starts with the prefix “pay:” to indicate that it is a payment request — not simply an address.

Wallets like know exactly what to do when they see the word “pay:” — they visit the URL following the prefix and carry along some bits of information with them related to their wallet, such as supported coins.

Then, in a split-second, they collect information from the URL such as what amount is being requested, what coins are supported, what the fee should be for the transaction, how many outputs will be involved in the transaction (and to whom), plus all kinds of fancy metadata that is useful for payments.

Then, your wallet constructs and signs a transaction that meets all the parameters of the payment request. Finally, it sends the signed transaction directly to the payment processor for validation and broadcasting.

All of this happens instantly with zero effort from you. All the magic communication happens in the background, and all you need to do is swipe.

Anypay Logo
Anypay helps you pay and get paid with Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Payments at Retail: AcadiaPOS Integrates Crypto

Point of sale system AcadiaPOS now offers the ability to take bitcoin payments alongside cash and credit cards as a default payment option — right out-of-the-box. This is perfect for business owners who want to accept digital currency but don’t want any extra hardware or complicated reconciliations. The service works thanks to an integration with Anypay®, New England’s most popular app for bitcoin at retail.

When AcadiaPOS pitched their service to the owner of a small convenience store, they got an unexpected response: “Does your point of sale work with Anypay?”

Roberta Mastrogiovanni, who owns The Corner News in Keene, New Hampshire, has been using the Anypay app to take bitcoin payments for years. But while she was glad to have the business, it was a pain for her cashiers. They needed to keep a separate device charged and ready, cluttering up the register. Then they had to do manual reconciliation at the end of the day. Cashiers resented it, but customers wanted it.

Cashier handing customer her items
Anypay® helps people pay at retail and online in ways that are only possible with bitcoin.

Knock, Knock. It’s Opportunity. Bitcoin Payments.

But when AcadiaPOS heard her request, they saw an opportunity. They quickly contacted Anypay CEO Steven Zeiler and went to work integrating Anypay’s API. Now when a customer pays with bitcoin at Roberta’s store, it is as fast and easy as paying with cash or a credit card. And everything goes into her system all accounted-for, with no need for extra hardware or reconciliation at end of day.

The cashier taps the “Anypay” button, a QR code appears on the credit card reader, and the customer scans the code with their bitcoin wallet to pay, and in an instant, the cashier’s screen marks the payment complete. They can print a receipt if desired.

The small New England convenience store has a decent volume of bitcoin sales — about a handful a day on average. Now the customer experience is finally as smooth (or smoother) than with a credit card.

Anypay makes it easy for any business to start accepting bitcoin at no cost. Users can create as many free accounts as they want, with no contract, and cancel anytime. Anypay also offers ways to add bitcoin to your website, and a simple API for developers.

Anypay support payments in BitcoinSV, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Core, and Dash.

Press Contacts:

Derrick Horton, President, Anypay Inc.
Benjamin Leviton, CEO, AcadiaPOS

Anypay Inc - Bitcoin Payments Company


encoded as a Bitcoin transaction: ff39ef9f499450a5af575208e6d4ebb86dd869181d6eea47d6cfba8238208ec6

View Transaction on Powpress

Your BitcoinSV Gets You Gift Cards to Premium Brands Instantly at Zero Cost

For Immediate Release:

Holders of BitcoinSV (“Satoshi’s Vision”) can now acquire goods and services from major retail and online stores with a single swipe thanks to a partnership between, the world’s best gift card reseller, and Anypay Inc, the world’s friendliest bitcoin company. The service gives retailers who accept BitcoinSV for payment a way to instantly spend the BitcoinSV they have earned at their business rather than selling for dollars on an exchange.

Anypay CEO Steven Zeiler says of the deal, “Business owners always say to us, ‘Okay, I will accept bitcoin, but what can I do with it?’ Sure, they can use it to post on Twetch, which is great, but in order for it to make sense for their business, they have to be able to turn that revenue around and use it to grow their business. Now retailers earning BitcoinSV can do that.”

With instant access to major retailers like Lowes, Home Depot, Target, Sephora and Nordstrom, now they can take payment in BitcoinSV, and then immediately turn around and spend that money on things they need to grow their business — or just things they want to enjoy, like a Hulu subscription, Callaway golf clubs, or an international flight on American Airlines. Or Uber. Everyone uses that.

Zeiler continued, “In the past, the answer was always something like, ‘You can sell it on an exchange for dollars and lose a bit of money in the process.’ Now they can keep 100% of their earnings and actually do something useful and familiar, not weird and new.”

Optimized For BitcoinSV Wallets

This product marks the latest expansion in offerings by Anypay, which earned its reputation for simple, elegant, user experiences that work intuitively like magic — beginning with the Anypay Point of Sale app for iOS and Android, and growing to include a one-click WordPress plugin, and a bitcoin platform for app developers. 

The gift card marketplace, called Pow.Cards, is a web app that works both inside a regular web browser as well as inside a wallet such as RelayX and Centbee. Users log in with a swipe, purchase gift cards to premium brands, and then spend them, all inside their favorite bitcoin wallet.

This service is available immediately at the website Pow.Cards. Anypay CEO Steven Zeiler expects that wallets such as RelayX will be among the first to integrate their gift card marketplace into their wallet to make their wallet more attractive to new users who want to do more with their bitcoin wallet than just sending and receiving BitcoinSV.

Press Contact: Derrick Horton, President, Anypay Inc. 

BitcoinSV for WordPress in 5 Minutes with No Skills

This demo walks you through step by step how to create an Anypay account, how to connect a wallet, how to take a payment (iOS, Android, web, and WooCommerce), and more!

Anypay® for WordPress plugin:

Anypay® for iOS:
Anypay® for Android:
Anypay® for Web:
Anypay® Admin:

In this demo, I use ElectrumSV, HandCash, Centbee, and SimplyCash.

You can now accept BitcoinSV at your online store. If you want to get paid out in local bank currency, it is as simple as pasting your BitcoinSV deposit address from your exchange.

Any questions, leave them in the comments below, find Anypay on Telegram, or email

Make Dash an Option at Checkout for WordPress

Hi, my name is Derrick, and it is my great pleasure to show you a simple way you can start accepting DASH at your retail or online store. I’m going to assume you already have a DASH wallet, and you know how to copy and paste your receiving address. I’m also going to assume you have a website running WordPress and that you are familiar with installing WordPress Plugins.

Anypay makes a plugin for WordPress that adds DASH as a payment option to your website. It is easy to set up. There are no complicated servers to maintain, and payments are instant. Here I show you step by step how to start earning DASH at your online or retail store.

  • First, go to and register for an account with email and password.
  • Next, paste your DASH address in the address field.
  • Then, install the Anypay plugin on your WordPress site.
  • Finally, enter the email address associated with your Anypay account.

You can now accept DASH at your online store. If you want to get paid out in local bank currency, it is as simple as pasting your DASH deposit address from your exchange.

Any questions, leave them in the comments below, find Anypay on Telegram, or email

Anypay® for WordPress plugin:

Anypay® for iOS:
Anypay® for Android:
Anypay® for Web:
Anypay® Admin:

Communicating with Wallets and the People Who Use Them

This week Steven and Derrick from Anypay spent the majority of the week communicating with wallets. There were other small changes to improve usability, but that was mostly tinkering around the edges. The big changes came from wallets: Centbee, ElectrumSV, and SimplyCash all adding support for the pay: protocol. That makes paying with those wallets are super pleasant experience!

Announcing Anypay® WordPress Plugin (WooCommerce) on Free Talk Live

Steven Zeiler (CEO, Anypay Inc) calls into nationally syndicated radio program Free Talk Live to announce a simple WooCommerce Plugin that allows 400+ million websites to instantly begin accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The news is very well received by the show’s hosts, who themselves are everyday bitcoin users. They are on over 200 radio stations across the United States, plus satellite for international listeners, and millions of podcast downloads per month.

Get Anypay® for your business: (iOS, Android, Web)