Powerful Dash Network Payments Upgrade Complete

Aug 6, 2020

App Developers Now Get Paid Bits Of Dash All Day, Every Day, With Zero Financial Risk

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – August 6, 2020 PORTSMOUTH, NH – Dash Core Group collaborates with Anypay Inc to produce the most important Dash development of the year: support for BIP70 in all official Dash apps including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux. All official Dash wallets are now upgraded with advanced abilities to make developing Dash apps easier, more flexible, and more profitable. The change also makes developing with Dash more universally compliant with global money transmission laws.

Every major piece of Dash software now adopts the standard that allows Dash apps to make payments to multiple Dash addresses at once. Previously, payments were limited to a single payment to a single address.

Developers’ imaginations are unleashed thanks to new, profitable code that simply was not possible before. Dash wallets have become programmable to make high-value complex transactions, such as paying all the providers in a supply chain at once, or paying a portion of every ticket sale directly to each member of a rock band; up to hundreds or thousands of addresses.

“We worked with a bunch of great guys from the Dash Core engineering teams to make adding complex payments to their app as simple as possible,” says Anypay lead Steven Zeiler. “Our easy-to-use back-end API Platform for Dash payments made it simple for the wallet developer groups.”

Spenders of Dash in hot spots like Thailand, New England, Venezuela and Online will experience a faster checkout when they go to pay.

Legally compliant apps in all 50 states and 160+ countries

Recently, Dingo Delivery (Caracas, Venezuela) made headlines with its announcement of support for Dash payments in their popular WhatsApp-based personal shopping service. Residents of Caracas may order anything at all delivered to their home with a simple text message and pay with Dash.

But pulling off such a useful integration could have been major trouble for app developers in many parts of the world. Without the latest upgrade, many Dash apps could accidentally be fined $1,115,000 or more for unknowingly violating local financial laws. 

Developers no longer need to worry about losing other people’s money, getting sued, shut down, or spending millions on expensive licenses — because this architecture allows developers to coordinate payments between parties without ever taking custody of funds.

“We eagerly look forward to making payments even more delightful with team Dash” – Anypay

Media Contact:
Derrick Horton, President, Anypay Inc. derrick@anypayinc.com