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Peer to Peer: Which Wallets Support It (BIP270 + BIP70)

Peer to Peer (P2P) transactions are an important step toward the bitcoin future we want. They make bitcoin more scalable. They make payments faster and more reliable. They enable amazingly complex payments and keep things simple for users.

Here is a list of all the wallets that support P2P transactions for Anypay’s supported currencies as of this writing (July 2020)
UPDATE: Aug 3, 2020

The BSV wallet that supports P2P is:

  • HandCash (iOS and Android)
  • MoneyButton
  • ElectrumSV

Not yet on CentBee, RelayX, or Simply Cash.

The DASH wallets that support P2P are:

  • Dash Wallet (iOS and Android)
  • Dash Core (Desktop)
  • Dash Electrum (Desktop)
  • Edge Wallet (iOS and Android)

DASH wallets that do NOT yet support P2P transactions are:

  • Coinomi
  • Exodus

The BCH wallets that support P2P are:

  • Wallet (iOS and Android)
  • Badger Wallet (iOS and Android)
  • Crescent (iOS and Android)
  • Edge (iOS and Android)

The BTC wallets that support P2P are:

  • Wallet (iOS and Android)
  • Edge (iOS and Android)
  • Mycelium (iOS and Android)
  • Blockchain Wallet (iOS, Android, and Web)
  • Electrum (Desktop)
  • BRD (iOS and Android)
  • Exodus (iOS, Android, and Desktop)
  • Copay Bitpay (iOS and Android)
  • Bitnovo
  • Bitcoin Core (Desktop)

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