P2P Protocol / Dash Core + Electrum

May 14, 2020

Programmable money is so cool. Here’s something you can do with it. “Peer to Peer” payments.

Electronic cash should go direct from customer to merchant without a third party in the middle, or a “hop” from one address to another.

Using the P2P Protocol, you can now pay electronically the same way you would with paper cash — by handing the payment directly to the merchant’s wallet yourself.

Anypay makes this super easy, and this is fully supported on Dash Android Wallet, Dash iOS Wallet, Dash Core Wallet, and Dash Electrum Wallet. Tight!

Here’s how it works. The customer’s wallet:

  1. Scans a payment request
  2. Learns the payment information
  3. Composes a transaction
  4. Signs the transaction
  5. Sends the signed transaction to the payment processor

The payment processor (Anypay) checks that the transaction is valid, and then broadcasts the signed transaction (or rejects it if invalid).

This whole process happens in less than a second. Perfect, instant settlement with Peer to Peer Electronic Cash. Let’s continue together on our life journey to expand prosperity through tech.