NRGCTY + Grab & Go

Get paid without lifting a finger.


NRGCTY (pronounced “Energy City”) is an app people use to discover businesses around them where they can spend bitcoin. Your businesses is advertised to them when they open the app in your town. They can pay you right from their app without a cashier. They can even leave tips for your staff. Listing your business on NRGCTY is free and a great way to attract new customers.

Grab & Go

Grab & Go is another easy way to get paid without a cashier. With a few clicks, you get printable QR codes for all the items you sell. Customers can now pay for each item from a distance, and your cashier gets notified every time a payment happens. Log in to the Anypay Admin, click “Connect to Square,” type in the username and password of your Square account, and magically all of your items from your Square app will appear. Exclusively for Square users.