22 05, 2018

How Dash Gets A Foot in the Door | Important Message for Master Node Owners

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Reasonable Master Node Owners are asking, "Why should I pay to support other currencies?" This is a great question. Allow me to explain: You and I know that Dash is the best money in the world. It is fast, cheap, reliable, has governance, a thriving community of users and developers, and all the right philosophy. Your local corner store owner has no clue about that stuff. He has heard of Bitcoin, is curious but nervous because he heard it is risky and thinks of it as gambling. He may be willing to try accepting Dash, but only if he can take Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency that is more familiar to him. Most merchants have never heard of Dash. The good news is, once a merchant is set up to take [...]

21 05, 2018

Why MyDashWallet Doesn’t Work For Retail Commerce (And What To Use Instead)

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You want to use Dash or Bitcoin at your local coffee shop or corner store. The owner says Yes. Okay, what next? Do you set them up with a wallet on the owner's iPhone or Android? Maybe, but what if the owner is not present when you want to pay? Maybe you install a wallet on their iPad register (if they have one)? Maybe, but mobile wallets are designed for individuals, not businesses. They can take a lot of training to use correctly, and if they are used infrequently, can be forgotten and deleted. Yikes! Someone asked me recently, "What about MyDashWallet?" It is a Dash Proposal that costs about 1/10 of what Anypay is asking, and it works just fine, right? Well, no. MyDashWallet is an amazing service for the advanced [...]