How to Win Stores and Get Rewards in Bitcoin Cash

Aug 8, 2019

You read that right. There is nothing you need to sign-up for. Nothing special to do. You spend your bitcoin (BCH) from any wallet at a business using Anypay, and bam — instant bitcoin rebate. 

“I would use bitcoin, but I get 3% cash back with my credit card.” 

Yeah well, aside from that being a little lame to admit, you might want to consider that your credit card reveals a lot about your personal shopping habits, exposes your identity to new risks every time you use it, and directly harms your future purchasing power by inflating the money supply. So… not very cool.

Using bitcoin is cool, though. It is more honest money than whatever fiat currency your local governments demand in taxes. Plus using bitcoin connects you to other cool people who accept it, introducing you to fun new opportunities.

“I don’t want to spend my bitcoin. That stuff is valuable! I always give the businesses a credit card if they’ll take it.” 

This attitude does not inspire people. First of all, you can always get more bitcoin to replenish what you’ve spent. You don’t just use up the money in your bank account and say, “Aw dang, I guess that’s the end of me having money.” Second, using a credit card is totally uncool. Once you actually know how it works, you are complicit in perpetuating a fraudulent system. Your actions do matter. Sure, you know how central banks work, but no one else does — so why take personal responsibility for the change you want to see in the world? It’s so much easier to go with the crowd. Using bitcoin isn’t popular yet. So people will think you’re weird and the waitress will look at you funny and say, 

“Ugh! What a freak. Why can’t you just be normal and pay like everyone else?”

I’ll tell you why. Because you are not normal. You are way better than normal. You are brave, smart, and cool. The world hasn’t caught up with that yet, but you are the trendsetter. And by the way, you’re winning so much harder than they can imagine. And people look to you as a model for how they should behave.

So here’s what you do: First, carry your head high and walk tall with the confidence of a man who uses the world’s best money. Then, locate a merchant near you that accepts bitcoin (BCH) using Anypay’s awesome map. Buy something there, and when you pay, notice that BCH was sent from your wallet *and received* simultaneously. As fast as the bitcoin went out from your wallet, new bitcoin comes in. Bad ass.

Maybe you aren’t persuaded by being cool. You are cold and calculating. You only make the smartest financial decisions. Well, don’t tell anyone, but the instant BCH-Back rebate is often as high as 10% back. So, that’s pretty good. It probably beats whatever the credit card companies are offering you in exchange for you kindly looking the other every time they get hacked and your personal data ends up for sale on the dark web (for bitcoin, mind you). So even if you pay a small premium to get bitcoins, it is actually still smarter to use your bitcoin whenever possible.

“Bitcoin Cash-Back would be awesome, but no one around me accepts BCH.”

Not yet, they don’t! But they are going to LOVE you in about 5 minutes because you are going to show them bitcoin. And then they will accept it from you and countless others. And they will feel cool because they are smart. They will attract new customers to their business and they will think of you whenever someone mentions bitcoin. 

And you get to feel awesome because not only do you get to save money and use bitcoin, but you also increase the value of your bitcoin ever so slightly because now it can be converted into one more real-life good or service. And that makes the bitcoin sitting on your phone a lot more powerful for you and your life.

Why are you giving us cash back? What’s the catch?

We want to connect with the coolest people who use bitcoin. Like you. You’re great. People like you and me — we fund BCH-Back to help us find each other. Namaste.