Edge Wallet Saves You from Awkward Interactions

Oct 27, 2020

It is no secret that Edge Wallet is one of the most beloved apps in all of Bitcoin. They have been around forever, their wallet is open source, and their CEO and support team are approachable and responsive. They are constantly putting out useful content that educates and improves the lives of bitcoin users.

But did you know that Edge quietly added a secret feature this year that will save you countless awkward interactions? Even daily users may have missed it. This one small change has a huge impact on bitcoin adoption for retail. Here’s how:

Edge Wallet can scan Anypay QR codes with ease

Edge Wallet Can Scan This. Can Your Wallet?

Did you catch that? To the human eye, this looks like a regular QR code. Like the type you would scan to pay with your bitcoin wallet. But what you may not catch is that this QR code saves you from countless annoying and unnecessary hours of chit-chat with cashiers about what coin you want to pay with.

If you are not a daily bitcoin user, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. If you actually use bitcoin to pay for stuff in real life, then you know the pain:

The girl taking your order at the local cafe has never heard of Bitcoin Cash. She has barely heard about Bitcoin, and forget about asking her to take Dash! She will look at you, pause, then nervously call over to her coworker or the manager on duty to help her process your payment. You bashfully glance at the line behind you, now growing longer and throwing you angry glares for holding up the line with your stupid bitcoin thing. Can’t we just move this along?

Cashiers don't need to know all the coins supported by Edge Wallet

“Uhh… Never mind… I can just pay with a card if it’s easier…”

Total fail! Looks bad for you. Looks bad for Bitcoin. Gives negative impression to the cashiers, the owner (who sees almost zero Bitcoin payments), and everyone standing around watching curiously from the line. You just confirmed what everyone suspected: “I knew it wasn’t going to work. Bitcoin isn’t ready for primetime yet.”

The cashier is relieved. She feels happy and confident taking credit card payments. You, on the other hand, are left feeling like a total loser because you tried to be slick and use Bitcoin Cash and ended up paying with a card.

Be Cool and Use Bitcoin

News Flash! Cashiers don’t know about your favorite digital currency.

Even if they have heard of Bitcoin Cash, they probably won’t recognize its logo or ticker symbol. Finding the right buttons to push on their point of sale can be an impossible chore. All of this results in predictably horrible interactions at stores. You repeat slowly: “Bit-Coin-Cash.” — “No, not that one, the green one, yeah the one tilted the other way. It says BCH next to it. Yeah, that one.”

Edge Wallet work great with Anypay

Edge Wallet’s Secret Weapon

Use Edge Wallet to avoid this horrible fate. Like magic, Edge works in the background to communicate directly with payment processors like Anypay. It can send Anypay information about the wallet and grab information from Anypay about the coins that are accepted by the merchant.

In a split-second, Edge Wallet can read a QR code, decipher it, visit the URL inside, hit the API with a request, receive the necessary data for the payment, and then construct a signed transaction that meets all the parameters. With a swipe, instead of broadcasting the transaction, Edge sends it directly to the payment processor for validation — then the payment processor broadcasts it.

Edge Wallet is Great for Multi-Coin Payments

This method is way faster than broadcasting to the miners and then waiting for the payment processor to find the payment in the mempool. It’s also way more scalable, since the payment is delivered right to the processor, so they don’t have to scan every single transaction on every single blockchain just to find your needle-in-a-haystack payment. Also, it allows for some really cool things like multi-output payments. In a single swipe, you can make a payment to over a hundred different addresses! Among other things, one of the best features is the ability for Edge Wallet to pay the same QR code with DASH, BCH, BTC, BSV — it doesn’t matter! They can all pay, as long as the merchant accepts those coins.

Anypay logo works great with Edge Wallet