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Attract new customers and retain them

  • Dash is a small but growing international type of money.
  • People who have Dash want to use it, and your store can get those customers.

The Most professional tool at zero cost

bing, bang, next customer

Let’s be real. Dash is going to be a small portion of your business for the first couple years. You need something cheap, fast, and out of the way. Anypay gets it done. We built a “Digital Cash Register” that works on any device, so there is no new equipment to buy. There are no fees, and the app is free.

No cost

No one beats our price. We deliver the highest quality app at the lowest price possible: zero.

More Sales

Want more customers? Accept cryptocurrency. People will seek your store because you do.

done already

No waiting hours or days to settle. You get your money the second the screen lights up green.

Human Support

We got your back if you need help. Real people, not machines, are standing by. Phone, email, chat.

" I've actually had clients come down from Northern New Hampshire to take class at my yoga studio, not because they were interested in the style of yoga that I teach, but because we accept crypto."
Sara Curry
Business owner

Ready? Follow these steps:

Get a Dash wallet

On your mobile, search "Dash Wallet" in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Tap Download. Tap Open. When customers pay, the money goes here. It will prompt you to back it up so that your money is safe even if you lose your phone. (Approximate time: 2 minutes)

Get a Free CRYPTOCURRENCY Point of Sale

Search "Take Crypto" on the device you use to take payments. Download and open it. This is an app that makes it stupid simple for your cashier to take Dash and other cryptocurrencies from your customers. Don't worry, the money goes right from the customer to your wallet. Your staff never touches it. Enter email and password to back this up. (Approximate time: 1 minute)

Connect the crypto POS to your bitcoin wallet

Copy your Dash address from Dash Wallet, and Paste it in the Take Crypto app. Do this for each cryptocurrency you want to accept. (Approximate time: 1 minute)

Get paid

Try it. Tap in some amount on the Take Crypto app and make your Dashy friend pay it. The screen lights up green, and their money is already in your wallet. Optional: Change your currency denomination by tapping the gear icon. (Approximate time: 30 seconds)

" My restaurant gets 2-3 extra tables each week because we take Bitcoin and Dash, mostly Dash."
Campbell McComsey
Head Manager


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