Hey ho, let’s go!
We’re generating steam heat.

In January 2019 Anypay experienced a doubling in almost every metric from one year ago. We processed an average of 11 Dash transactions a day. Not bad for crypto winter.

We focussed the whole month on measuring and improving our service. How fast can we generate an invoice? Got it down from 3 seconds to 1 second. How fast after payment can the invoice screen light up green? Got that down from 3 seconds to 1 second, too. What happens if we automate a bot to generate and pay invoices every 10 minutes? Boom, it works every time.

Uh oh — customers are informing us that Instant Send is broken. Shoot. What do we do? We rely on BlockCypher to forward those payments, but they are not doing it fast enough. We coded our own payment forwarder. Problem solved. Shoot, we pushed a change to our code while a customer was using our app — the payment got stuck! Gotta manually push it through. So we built a bot that tests for stuck payments. All good so far, and we are better prepared for potential problems next time.

We also started making a pretty cool map. I know, I know, everyone has a map. But this one is different! It lets you know in real-time what businesses took crypto this week, this month, or not for a long time. Instantly you will know what places you can visit to have a reliably great experience spending Dash, and which businesses near you might need a little love. Dash-Back continues to be a fan favorite, rewarding customers for paying with Dash and incentivizing more crypto spending in general by overcoming Gresham’s law.

We made an arrangement with a handful of people around the world to help merchants install Anypay. Our goal was 30 new merchants in each region. Some of the people hit their target. Some got a handful. Some got none. That’s okay. We all do our best. Part of it is our fault for our product not being reliable enough. Like Instant Send payments taking hours and sometimes days to arrive because we use stupid BlockCypher as a forwarder. That cost us some merchants for sure. Glad we fixed that problem. Charging a 1-cent fee without telling anyone was a really stupid idea that hurt us this month. We repaid tenfold what we charged, but still — come on, how can you trust a company that says there are no fees and then they take a fee? That was dumb. Hopefully we fixed that mistake quickly enough before hurting our reputation too badly. All in all, though, we added a ton of merchants this month. It was incredible. Especially the guys in Thailand. The numbers in the charts prove it, too.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Have a look at these charts! Ooh, aren’t they pretty? Well, not on mobile. We will make them look better, but for now, hey, how about this data, huh? You can see where Dash use is really happening. Thailand and the U.S. Is it happening elsewhere? Probably, but how can you be sure? Install Anypay, that’s how! Then you will know that Dash is king because you will see for yourself that it is being used the world over. And besides, if you set up a merchant to accept some other point of sale software, you will never really know how well Dash is doing compared to the other coins they accept. Maybe they’ve got a Bitcoin wallet in addition to a Dash wallet? Well, Anypay can tell you how often customers choose Dash over Bitcoin (hint, it’s about 80% of the time in most cases). If Dash is going to prove itself as #1, then it has to have the chops to stand side-by-side with all of its competitors on the same point of sale. You and I both know Dash will win on its merits, so let’s prove it to the rest of the world by installing Anypay at every business!