Forget what you heard about crypto being over. Yes, the prices of most currencies are way down from their all-time highs. But for those who look to cryptocurrency as more than a novelty to trade, crypto use is increasing organically. Look at places like Ghana, Nigeria, Colombia, and Venezuela. Cryptocurrency adoption in these places is increasing despite a bear market in crypto.

It used to be that Anypay had to go out and get people to use our app. Something changed in the past few months. New businesses around the world are on-boarding without any effort from us. For example, yesterday our office was pleasantly surprised when we were tagged in a video posted to Twitter of a man using our app to buy local cuisine from a restaurant in Nigeria.

Or what about Lukman here? He purchased medicine from a drug store in Ghana using Dash after setting up the owner with Anypay. Yes, that is tapeworm medicine in the photo.

If you thought cryptocurrency was all about teenagers sitting behind screens trading digital tokens so they profit in dollars and buy themselves a Ferrari, then this picture will make no sense to you. But look closely — this is the real face of crypto.

Understanding why can be difficult for people in places with stable governments and sophisticated banking. But for many in the rest of the world, cryptocurrency makes their lives easier by offering a better way to trade value than what they are used to.