DASH-Back Now a Reality Thanks to DAO

Anypay was born out of a desire to spend DASH in retail stores. In June of 2017, at a festival in the white mountains of New Hampshire, Steven Zeiler started coding an ASCII, command-line based app that would work. On his laptop around a campfire, Mark and Ian of Free Talk Live were the first users. The app generated a Dash address, awaited payment, and upon “customers” sending the specified amount, the app displayed the words “PAID!” It was instantaneous. We were all stunned.

Fast-forward to June of 2018, and Anypay is a beautiful, full-featured app serving over one thousand accounts and over one hundred verified, real-life businesses. With its professional-looking design and simple user interface, Anypay enables merchants to effortlessly generate unlimited invoices for the most popular cryptocurrencies. No fees, and no complicated ID verification.


In the past few months, Anypay has quietly rolled out a new feature designed to amplify the purchasing power of Dash users by rewarding them with instant incentives, similar to credit card “cash-back” programs. Until today, it was only in testing phases. Now we are excited to announce the official launch of Dash-Back: a simple but effective program that pays people to shop with Dash.

Using Dash with Anypay is already a better experience than cash, credit cards, or bitcoin: Scan, send, paid. No figuring out if the register’s card reader is swipe or insert, no waiting for authorization from the bank, no giving your signature using a dirty customer pen or greasy touchscreen, no exposing personal details to sketchy baristas or honey-pot corporations that get hacked every month, no touching and counting out filthy disease-carrying paper bills, no receiving coins for change, and no high fees. Dash is fast, easy, and cheap.


Dash-Back turns your crypto shopping experience from better to best. Buying a coffee with Dash at Fezziwigs in Portsmouth? Boom. Immediately upon paying, Dash instantly arrives back into your wallet. Paying for car maintenance with Dash at Wilder Automotive in Keene? Dash-Back. Purchasing a pint of brew with Dash from Murphy’s Taproom in Manchester? Here’s some Dash-Back for you. Buying BBQ Sandwiches with Dash from Kirby’s Q in Alstead? Got your Dash-Back right here.

Customers get Dash for spending Dash. This would be pretty amazing if we left it at that. But we did not stop there. We kept going and rewarded the merchants, too. So every time a customer gets Dash-Back for using Dash, the merchant also receives extra dash in their wallet. This incentive inspires merchants to not only accept Dash for payments, but they actively advertise Dash to customers. This means new people learning about Dash who have never heard about it before. “Oh, you mean if I get some of this Dash stuff and use it at your business, I will be able to buy more with it than I can with cash or credit cards? Cool! I would like to try it.”

Merchants become evangelists for Dash. They tell everyone. They advertise it on the window, on the register, on their tip jars. Some merchants even set up their staff with Dash wallets so they can receive tips from crypto customers.

In the test-run for Dash-Back, we saw a measurable increase in Dash usage. Customers had the choice to use any one of Anypay’s 5 supported coins, but look! Dash use increased in June while BTC use declined. Uh oh, bitcoin!

Amount of Dash processed by Anypay


Amount of BTC processed by Anypay

Here is the official Dash proposal by Anypay. You can read comments by the Master Node Owners at that link, but it is much easier to read in the format we posted to our own blog.

To help introduce Dash-Back to the world, we made these cool flyers and passed stacks of them around to local businesses that take Dash.

Full-Res Printable PDF of Dash-Back Handbill

4 thoughts on “DASH-Back Now a Reality Thanks to DAO”

  1. I think I was the increase in June. Visited Portsmouth and spent Dash at a few different places. Pickwicks couldn’t do Anypay because they didn’t have the iPad charged, but it worked smooth at Fezziwig’s and Fresh Press. I loved the Dash back feature!

  2. Derrick, it was great to talk to you at Porcfest. I’ve set up my Anypay config but I don’t see any way to reconfigure anything. e.g. alter destination addresses, price feeds or currency. Do you have a support forum?

    I’m sitting on an entirely untapped market here that is ripe for expansion. Sales rise every month but the retail side it totally undeveloped still. I’ve got a testbed retailer ready to go and tablet equipment ready for me to set up.


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