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Earn Bitcoin at your Woocommerce store

The best way to get Bitcoin is not by "investing." It is by earning and using that Bitcoin to make your business better. We at Anypay are proud to announce our WooCommerce™ plugin that will empower millions of entrepreneurs to accept Bitcoin SV at their WordPress store. To install: Make sure you have WooCommerce™ installed and activated on your WordPress siteOn the command line cd into your sites directory and navigate to the directory wordpress-html > wp-content > pluginsDownload the plugin with the command: 'curl > anypay_woocommerce.php' Note: (Downloads the plugin directly from the blockchain!) To activate: Activate the plugin in the Admin Dashboard under WooCommerce™ > Extensions Set your Bitcoin SV address under WooCommerce™ > Settings > Payments > Anypay Gateway Customers can now choose Anypay as a payment option [...]

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Intro to Lightning Network and Tutorial

Introduction to Lightning Network and Tutorial The lightning network is software that uses the bitcoin blockchain and network to enable fast and cheap off-chain transactions. It was developed as a scaling solution to reduce the transaction (tx) backlog and reduce fees by moving the majority of transactions off of the blockchain. Lightning was developed and implemented by the bitcoin core team, after bitcoin forked to add segrated witness (segwit). Segwit was not the only way to enable lightning payments, but was the chosen solution at the time. With lightning, a channel can be opened between two bitcoin wallets with a single on-chain transaction. Funds are committed to the channel, then they can be moved back and forth between the two wallets until one of the wallets wishes to close the channel. Closing [...]

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