Pushing Boundaries In Bitcoin – A Conversation with Anypay CEO Steven Zeiler

Bitcoin heretics Vin Armani and Steven Zeiler talk candidly in a live-recorded interview about the new types of businesses that bitcoin makes possible. Vin is the Founder and CEO of CoinText, and Steven is the founder and CEO of Anypay. Both are businesses made possible by the innovation of programmable money. Specifically, they are "non-custodial financial services" businesses. The conversation is light and fun and for a while focusses on getting real nightclubs into space and the challenges that come with zero gravity experiences.  Vin gets Steven to dive deep into his personal journey from early Bitcoin OG working at a small startup that would eventually become Ripple, a major player in the crypto economy, to becoming an entrepreneur and founding his own company, Anypay. Some notable comments on this video [...]

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Dash meetup Portsmouth | 2019-10-09

Joël Valenzuela hosts Dash meetups in Portsmouth every 2 weeks. Usually about 10 people show up to talk about Dash and spend Dash on food and drinks. We all meet at the local brewery, Liar's Bench Beer Co., and the event lasts about 2 hours. This has become such a regular thing that it almost appears mundane. The staff expects us, and there's no thrill to using Dash. It has been happening for years. There's no one recording videos and publishing them to Reddit to brag about how you can spend Dash in real life. But Roger Ver and others have been posting videos of themselves using Bitcoin Cash around the world, so when I attended last night's Dash meetup, I thought: "Let me capture some of this to share online."Here are [...]

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Earn Bitcoin at your Woocommerce store

The best way to get Bitcoin is not by "investing." It is by earning and using that Bitcoin to make your business better. We at Anypay are proud to announce our WooCommerce™ plugin that will empower millions of entrepreneurs to accept Bitcoin SV at their WordPress store. To install: Make sure you have WooCommerce™ installed and activated on your WordPress siteOn the command line cd into your sites directory and navigate to the directory wordpress-html > wp-content > pluginsDownload the plugin with the command: 'curl > anypay_woocommerce.php' Note: (Downloads the plugin directly from the blockchain!) To activate: Activate the plugin in the Admin Dashboard under WooCommerce™ > Extensions Set your Bitcoin SV address under WooCommerce™ > Settings > Payments > Anypay Gateway Customers can now choose Anypay as a payment option [...]

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BITCOIN CASH BACK – Grow Adoption and Get Instant Rewards

You read that right. There is nothing you need to sign-up for. Nothing special to do. You spend your bitcoin (BCH) from any wallet at a business using Anypay, and bam -- instant bitcoin rebate. "I would use bitcoin, but I get 3% cash back with my credit card." Yeah well, aside from that being a little lame to admit, you might want to consider that your credit card reveals a lot about your personal shopping habits, exposes your identity to new risks every time you use it, and directly harms your future purchasing power by inflating the money supply. So... not very cool. Using bitcoin is cool, though. It is more honest money than whatever fiat currency your local governments demand in taxes. Plus using bitcoin connects you to other cool [...]

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Shielded Zcash at Retail

This is not a dream. This is real. Happy news! Are you sitting down? Good. Imagine: You walk into your favorite store, pick out some cool sunglasses, walk up to the register, and pay with shielded Zcash before walking out the door to greet the world with your cool new shades on. This is not a dream. This is real. And it is active right now! Shielded Zcash is now available to any retail store or business! No ID required, no bank account, not even an email address! Totally private digital cash. Tell your favorite cafe, bar, or restaurant. Tell your favorite thrift shop, upscale boutique, or salon. Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell the world! Zcash, the way you always wanted, is now yours. How it works: 1) A business downloads [...]

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