Dash meetup Portsmouth | 2019-10-09

Joël Valenzuela hosts Dash meetups in Portsmouth every 2 weeks. Usually about 10 people show up to talk about Dash and spend Dash on food and drinks. We all meet at the local brewery, Liar's Bench Beer Co., and the event lasts about 2 hours. This has become such a regular thing that it almost appears mundane. The staff expects us, and there's no thrill to using Dash. It has been happening for years. There's no one recording videos and publishing them to Reddit to brag about how you can spend Dash in real life. But Roger Ver and others have been posting videos of themselves using Bitcoin Cash around the world, so when I attended last night's Dash meetup, I thought: "Let me capture some of this to share online."Here are [...]

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Interledger Summit New Hampshire

Portsmouth, New Hampshire Contributors the the open source distributed protocol Interledger will be gathering in New Hampshire from May 15 through May 19. The group will focus on integrating the Interledger protocol payments into real world retail commerce. Portsmouth is widely known as one of the world's top destination for digital currency use, and participants aim to use the Interledger payment protocol to purchase food and entertainment by the end of the event. The summit, which is hosted by Anypay, a Portsmouth-based digital currency software technology company, remains exclusive and aims to attract a select number of digital currency entrepreneurs from the free state movement. The summit kicks off with a dinner on May 15 at La Maison Navarre, a fine French bistro that accepts a number of digital currencies as payment, [...]

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