Get More Repeat Customers with Anypay’s Free Cash-Back!

Rewards. People love them. They drive repeat business to your store. You probably have a rewards program already (or you wish you did). Now, with Anypay, it’s built right in. There’s nothing to do! 

What is Cash-Back? 

Anypay magically builds customer loyalty at your business. It’s instant, it’s fast, it’s fun, and there’s zero signup. Your customers pay you with Bitcoin Cash or Dash — they get Cash-Back! No downloads. No installs. No asking for their phone number every time they order. It’s a gift from us to you (and your customers)!

“I already have a rewards program. Why do I need Cash-Back?”

Don’t your customers hate it — don’t they look frustrated — when they have to type in their phone number every time just to get their stupid points? People waiting in line are looking at their watches, sighing audibly, and wondering “Hey, when can I check out? Let’s move it along!”

Now you can get paid more, and faster, because there’s nothing for your cashier to do. Anypay makes paying you fun and makes getting paid feel like magic.

“Cash-Back sounds great, so what’s the catch?” 

More transactions at your store means a better reputation for Anypay. We want to drive traffic to your store and rack up as many transactions as possible to prove we are the #1 Bitcoin Point of Sale. So yeah, we are funding your rewards program. We want you to get more customers because that’s good for us, too. So we want to build customer loyalty toward your business.

“Who is paying for this?”

Anypay is paying for it. No money out of your pocket, and it rewards your staff and team for adopting bitcoin early. Adopting new apps is time consuming, and you have to think about it, and it has a real cost. Anypay recognizes that. And we reward your customers to make up for it above and beyond the cost to you.

“When does Cash-Back end?”

Who knows? Maybe it can last forever. Anypay has been running the same promotion for over 2 years now without interruption. The good news is, even if this promotion ends, you aren’t going to have to find a new solution for cryptocurrency because Anypay is here to stay, always with our customers in focus.

“What about non-business accounts? What do we get?”

As an ambassador, or a person who helps businesses get set up, you don’t want to waste all your time — Setting up businesses to accept digital assets — only to find that a month or two later, they’ve fallen off the map. Stop being embarrassed that people aren’t going there. People like Cash-Back. That will keep them coming back and spending.

Got an idea? Tell us!

Do you like doing promotions to your customers? I’m sure you have lots of ideas, and we do too! So message us if you want to talk about cool promotion ideas we can do together at your business that will make you more money.


Earn Bitcoin at Your WooCommerce Store

The best way to get Bitcoin is not by “investing.” It is by earning and using that Bitcoin to make your business better. We at Anypay are proud to announce our WooCommerce plugin that will empower millions of entrepreneurs to accept Bitcoin SV at their WordPress store.

To install:

  1. Make sure you have WooCommerce installed and activated on your WordPress site
  2. On the command line cd into your sites directory and navigate to the directory wordpress-html > wp-content > plugins
  3. Download the plugin with the command:
'curl > anypay_woocommerce.php'
  • Note: Downloads the plugin directly from the blockchain!

To activate:

  1. Activate the plugin in the Admin Dashboard under WooCommerce > Extensions 
  2. Set your Bitcoin SV address under WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > Anypay Gateway

Customers can now choose Anypay as a payment option and pay with Bitcoin SV!

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Inside: Anypay CEO Steven Zeiler + CoinText CEO Vin Armani

Bitcoin heretics Vin Armani and Steven Zeiler talk candidly in a live-recorded interview about the new types of businesses that bitcoin makes possible. Vin is the Founder and CEO of CoinText, and Steven is the founder and CEO of Anypay. Both are businesses made possible by the innovation of programmable money. Specifically, they are “non-custodial financial services” businesses. The conversation is light and fun and for a while focusses on getting real nightclubs into space and the challenges that come with zero gravity experiences. Vin gets Steven to dive deep into his personal journey from early Bitcoin OG working at a small startup that would eventually become Ripple, a major player in the crypto economy, to becoming an entrepreneur and founding his own company, Anypay.


New Hampshire Libertarians and Libations Dash Meetup

Joël Valenzuela hosts Dash meetups in Portsmouth every 2 weeks. Usually about 10 people show up to talk about Dash and spend Dash on food and drinks. We all meet at the local brewery, Liar’s Bench Beer Co., and the event lasts about 2 hours. This has become such a regular thing that it almost appears mundane. The staff expects us, and there’s no thrill to using Dash. It has been happening for years. There’s no one recording videos and publishing them to Reddit to brag about how you can spend Dash in real life. But Roger Ver and others have been posting videos of themselves using Bitcoin Cash around the world, so when I attended last night’s Dash meetup, I thought: “Let me capture some of this to share online.”


How to Win Stores and Get Rewards in Bitcoin Cash

You read that right. There is nothing you need to sign-up for. Nothing special to do. You spend your bitcoin (BCH) from any wallet at a business using Anypay, and bam — instant bitcoin rebate. 

“I would use bitcoin, but I get 3% cash back with my credit card.” 

Yeah well, aside from that being a little lame to admit, you might want to consider that your credit card reveals a lot about your personal shopping habits, exposes your identity to new risks every time you use it, and directly harms your future purchasing power by inflating the money supply. So… not very cool.

Using bitcoin is cool, though. It is more honest money than whatever fiat currency your local governments demand in taxes. Plus using bitcoin connects you to other cool people who accept it, introducing you to fun new opportunities.

“I don’t want to spend my bitcoin. That stuff is valuable! I always give the businesses a credit card if they’ll take it.” 

This attitude does not inspire people. First of all, you can always get more bitcoin to replenish what you’ve spent. You don’t just use up the money in your bank account and say, “Aw dang, I guess that’s the end of me having money.” Second, using a credit card is totally uncool. Once you actually know how it works, you are complicit in perpetuating a fraudulent system. Your actions do matter. Sure, you know how central banks work, but no one else does — so why take personal responsibility for the change you want to see in the world? It’s so much easier to go with the crowd. Using bitcoin isn’t popular yet. So people will think you’re weird and the waitress will look at you funny and say, 

“Ugh! What a freak. Why can’t you just be normal and pay like everyone else?”

I’ll tell you why. Because you are not normal. You are way better than normal. You are brave, smart, and cool. The world hasn’t caught up with that yet, but you are the trendsetter. And by the way, you’re winning so much harder than they can imagine. And people look to you as a model for how they should behave.

So here’s what you do: First, carry your head high and walk tall with the confidence of a man who uses the world’s best money. Then, locate a merchant near you that accepts bitcoin (BCH) using Anypay’s awesome map. Buy something there, and when you pay, notice that BCH was sent from your wallet *and received* simultaneously. As fast as the bitcoin went out from your wallet, new bitcoin comes in. Bad ass.

Maybe you aren’t persuaded by being cool. You are cold and calculating. You only make the smartest financial decisions. Well, don’t tell anyone, but the instant BCH-Back rebate is often as high as 10% back. So, that’s pretty good. It probably beats whatever the credit card companies are offering you in exchange for you kindly looking the other every time they get hacked and your personal data ends up for sale on the dark web (for bitcoin, mind you). So even if you pay a small premium to get bitcoins, it is actually still smarter to use your bitcoin whenever possible.

“Bitcoin Cash-Back would be awesome, but no one around me accepts BCH.”

Not yet, they don’t! But they are going to LOVE you in about 5 minutes because you are going to show them bitcoin. And then they will accept it from you and countless others. And they will feel cool because they are smart. They will attract new customers to their business and they will think of you whenever someone mentions bitcoin. 

And you get to feel awesome because not only do you get to save money and use bitcoin, but you also increase the value of your bitcoin ever so slightly because now it can be converted into one more real-life good or service. And that makes the bitcoin sitting on your phone a lot more powerful for you and your life.

Why are you giving us cash back? What’s the catch?

We want to connect with the coolest people who use bitcoin. Like you. You’re great. People like you and me — we fund BCH-Back to help us find each other. Namaste.


Proof of Work: Anypay Can Prove It

In the last 90 days, 226 business owners have accepted 2,145 payments in cryptocurrency via Anypay.  But don’t take our word for it. You can verify yourself. We publish our stats in live charts.

Not enough proof for you? Here’s an experiment you can run yourself. Check out the Anypay Map and go to one of the businesses and spend bitcoin. Then check to see if the business changed from red to green on the map. The charts will be updated, too.

Nobody else proves it like Anypay.


Dash Launches Gift Card Marketplace With Dash-Back in eGifter and Anypay Partnership

Dash has integrated the eGifter gift card platform directly into the main Dash website, including Dash-back incentives thanks to Anypay.

eGifter, a cryptocurrency-accepting gift card buying platform, has been integrated directly into the main website, allowing users to purchase gift cards to a wide range of popular US retailers with Dash directly from the website. Additionally, thanks to a partnership with cryptocurrency payment processor Anypay, purchases receive an instant “Dash-back” rebate to the user’s wallet, offering a strong incentive to use Dash. According to CEO Tyler Roye, Dash’s usefulness as a payments system strongly aligns with the company’s vision:

“The Dash partnership has really been great for us, so we’re delighted to continue our work with them to create a gift card marketplace on their website. We believe strongly in the potential and viability of cryptocurrency as a method of payment, and see Dash as a clear leader in the space with their InstantSend technology that offers speedy confirmation times.”

eGifter originally began accepting Dash earlier this year thanks to a partnership with Anypay.

The powerful consumer incentive of Dash-back

The new eGifter partnership provides a unique benefit for users new to Dash and looking for a reason to switch from traditional payment systems. Dash-back offers three main benefits for consumers. The first is the application of a discount to goods and services, offering a real incentive for consumers to incur the cost and trouble of acquiring Dash and learning how to use it in order to save on purchases. The second is to illustrate how much the user had saved by returning a percentage of their money rather than simply not charging it to begin with. Finally, Dash-back shows how Dash works by allowing users to instantly receive transactions while spending.

While now famously included in the eGifter platform, the Dash-back concept has long been active on the Anypay platform, giving discounts and incentives to users spending Dash in retail situations from cafes to restaurants to theaters and more for businesses that have implemented the Anypay point-of-sale app.

Breaking down mainstream adoption barriers through plug-and-play options

According to Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor, the new eGifter partnership significantly reduces friction for the average user curious about using Dash:

“This partnership is a big win for our community as it makes it easier than ever before for Dash users to connect with the hundreds of major brands offered by eGifter, including almost every major brand is the US market. Our goal has always been to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and mainstream adoption through fast and easy payments solutions, and our new gift card marketplace is a huge step in the right direction.”

Dash has implemented a series of integrations and developments into associated products to facilitate its acquisition and use as a currency. Thanks to a partnership with Uphold, last October its app was integrated directly into the main Dash android wallet, allowing users to seamlessly purchase Dash with a bank account directly from the same app they then use to store and spend the Dash. Additionally, thanks to a partnership with Really Bad Apps, the Discover Dash merchant directory now has a streamlined Android app. This allows users to easily locate businesses near them that accept Dash as payment, further adding to the coin’s usefulness as a payment system.

Boy, this news really made it around:









Anypay Completes Retail Integration of Shielded Zcash

Imagine: You walk into your favorite store, pick out some cool sunglasses, walk up to the register, and pay with shielded Zcash before walking out the door to greet the world with your cool new shades on.

This is not a dream. This is real. And it is active right now!

Shielded Zcash is now available to any retail store or business! No ID required, no bank account, not even an email address! Totally private digital cash.

Tell your favorite cafe, bar, or restaurant. Tell your favorite thrift shop, upscale boutique, or salon. Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell the world!

Zcash, the way you always wanted, is now yours.

How it works:

1) A business downloads the Anypay app from the app store (iOSAndroid, or web).

2) Owner scans or pastes their Zcash address. (t- or z- style)

That’s it! The whole setup process from start to finish takes about 30 seconds.

Take unlimited payments!

Empower customer privacy!

Be super cool!

Payments end up right in the merchant’s wallet, even if the merchant doesn’t know how to use Z-addresses. Your payments get to be shielded, and they get to stack up the Zcash in transparent form in their Coinomi wallet (if they want to).

Don’t believe me. Try it for yourself. You will not believe how stupidly simple it is, and how fast!

This not only *can* work for retail businesses, it already *does*!

Two places currently openly advertise that they accept shielded Zcash using Anypay (our free Point of Sale app):

One is a French Restaurant and Cafe, La Maison Navarre in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

The other is a, um, Tobacconist. Portsmouth Smoke and Vape in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Not surprisingly, these stores are both located in Anypay’s home town. We work closely with these merchants to test in real life whether or not our POS is good enough for prime time. Well guess what. It is.

So by next month, we hope to see more than just these two. But we will need your help. Our app is free. We do not charge a fee for use to either the merchant or the customer. That means we rely on people like you to tell your favorite businesses about us. To help you, we made a handy website you can send them to that will tell them everything they need to start taking Zcash at their business.

Okay, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed the news. Please hit me back with any feedback you may have after trying out Anypay. I think you’re going to love it.

Oh, one more thing! This would not be possible without ZecWallet, and the man behind it. ZecWallet is an app that enables anyone to easily use shielded zcash. Download it for your Mac, Windows, or Linux machine, sync with the Zcash blockchain, and then pair with the Android app available in the Google Play store. Then you are ready to use shielded Zcash on your mobile! Without it, Anypay’s merchant POS would not be very exciting for Zcash users, as users would only be able to pay with transparent addresses. Not as cool as shielded, right? So thank you, ZecWallet, for making life more fun.

All my love,

Derrick J. Freeman

Product Manager, Anypay Inc.


“SHH!” – Shielded Zcash at Retail Finally Reality

World’s 1st Retail Purchase with Encrypted Zcash, Portsmouth, NH 2017 

Agirl with dreadlocks and wearing cyberpunk clothes walked into the Bitcoin Shoppe with a laptop under her arm. It was the fall of 2017, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire was teaming with crypto tourists. She picked out a laser-cut “Live Free or Die” wooden wall plaque and a “Legalize Gay Marijuana” bumper sticker. The plan was to pay for the items with shielded Zcash using Anypay. It took a whole minute on a computer dedicating 8GB of its RAM just to computing and producing the transaction signature. Once broadcast, Anypay picked it up in seconds. The screen turned green and produced that beloved “PAID ✓” message. Proof of concept.

One crypto winter later, the technology emerged to produce Zcash shielded transactions on a mobile, with much less time and processing power than previously required. “Sapling” made it possible for customers to use their Zcash the way it was intended! When Anypay learned of this, we submitted a proposal to the Zcash Foundation for a grant to engineer a solution for retail Point of Sale. We already offer the easiest and most private crypto point of sale available, totally free. But could we also give merchants the ability to accept Zcash from customers totally privately, just like cash? 

That was our mission, and the Zcash Foundation agreed it was a good one. They sponsored us. We worked diligently to produce a satisfying experience for merchants and customers. With the release of the ZecWallet for mobile, we had everything we needed to make the vision a reality. No longer would customers need to walk into a store with their laptop, burn through 8 gigs of RAM and sit down and wait a whole minute just to compute the signature needed to pay privately. No! They can do it in seconds using the ZecWallet. And best of all, the merchant can receive it as shielded or transparent — their choice! So even the most un-savvy business owner can open a simple wallet and start receiving Zcash. But their customers get to retain their privacy. Winning.

Finally, today, the mission is complete. You can today pay any merchant who accepts Zcash on Anypay, and your transaction can be totally private. See for yourself.

Here is a little more in-depth look at how shielded Zcash at retail works in real life:

Do you know someone who would like to accept Zcash at their business? Tell them about Anypay! It is a free app, totally private, requires no ID or even an email address to use. And best of all, they can accept your Zcash totally privately right into their own ZEC wallet. Pretty slick! Setup takes seconds. Try it by searching “Anypay Cash Register” in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.