Add Bitcoin as Payment on Your Website | BSV WooCommerce Plugin by Anypay

Adding Bitcoin to your website is easy. Have WordPress? Using WooCommerce for your web store? If yes, then all you need to do is download and activate the free plugin "BitcoinSV for WooCommerce" by Anypay, set your Bitcoin address, and magically bitcoin becomes a payment option for your customers. See an example of the Anypay WordPress plugin in action.  

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Pushing Boundaries In Bitcoin – A Conversation with Anypay CEO Steven Zeiler

Bitcoin heretics Vin Armani and Steven Zeiler talk candidly in a live-recorded interview about the new types of businesses that bitcoin makes possible. Vin is the Founder and CEO of CoinText, and Steven is the founder and CEO of Anypay. Both are businesses made possible by the innovation of programmable money. Specifically, they are "non-custodial financial services" businesses. The conversation is light and fun and for a while focusses on getting real nightclubs into space and the challenges that come with zero gravity experiences.  Vin gets Steven to dive deep into his personal journey from early Bitcoin OG working at a small startup that would eventually become Ripple, a major player in the crypto economy, to becoming an entrepreneur and founding his own company, Anypay. Some notable comments on this video [...]

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions   Agreement between User and Welcome to The website (the "Site") is comprised of various web pages operated by Anypay Inc. ("Anypay"). is offered to you conditioned on your acceptance without modification of the terms, conditions, and notices contained herein (the "Terms"). Your use of constitutes your agreement to all such Terms. Please read these terms carefully, and keep a copy of them for your reference. is an E-Commerce Site. offers apps and tools to help businesses accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in web stores and/or physical locations.   Privacy Your use of is subject to Anypay's Privacy Policy. Please review our Privacy Policy, which also governs the Site and informs users of our data collection practices.   Electronic [...]

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Shielded Zcash at Retail

This is not a dream. This is real. Happy news! Are you sitting down? Good. Imagine: You walk into your favorite store, pick out some cool sunglasses, walk up to the register, and pay with shielded Zcash before walking out the door to greet the world with your cool new shades on. This is not a dream. This is real. And it is active right now! Shielded Zcash is now available to any retail store or business! No ID required, no bank account, not even an email address! Totally private digital cash. Tell your favorite cafe, bar, or restaurant. Tell your favorite thrift shop, upscale boutique, or salon. Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell the world! Zcash, the way you always wanted, is now yours. How it works: 1) A business downloads [...]

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“SHH!” – Shielded Zcash at retail is Finally A Reality

World's First Retail Purchase with Encrypted Zcash, Portsmouth, NH 2017 A girl with dreadlocks and wearing cyberpunk clothes walked into the Bitcoin Shoppe with a laptop under her arm. It was the fall of 2017, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire was teaming with crypto tourists. She picked out a laser-cut "Live Free or Die" wooden wall plaque and a "Legalize Gay Marijuana" bumper sticker. The plan was to pay for the items with shielded Zcash using Anypay. It took a whole minute on a computer dedicating 8GB of its RAM just to computing and producing the transaction signature. Once broadcast, Anypay picked it up in seconds. The screen turned green and produced that beloved "PAID ✔" message. Proof of concept. One crypto winter later, the technology emerged to produce Zcash shielded transactions on [...]

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Dash Embassy Thailand Proves Itself the Most Effective People in Crypto Dash Embassy Thailand Co-Founder Felix Mago Speaks at the largest blockchain conference in Thailand Dash Embassy Thailand Co-Founder Felix Mago setting up owner-operated small businesses to accept Dash using Anypay Dash Meetup at a Vegan Restaurant where the owner is setting up Anypay so she can take crypto from customers Dash Embassy Thailand has an active Telegram group Dash Embassy Thailand meetups look fun. This is “business development” Another fun looking Dash Meetup hosted by the Embassy in Thailand Dash Embassy Thailand negotiated a special deal at a nearby restaurant so they can bring in huge numbers of people for meetups and get a discount for using Dash! This is what one of their meetups looks like. A restaurant where people actually pay with Dash using Anypay.

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Inside the Longest Running Bitcoin Meetup in the World (world, world, world…)

These guys have been getting together every Sunday for almost a decade. They are the secret elite. But inside, all is quite mundane. No lambos parked outside, no flashy suits or caviar. Just some guys chomping down on wings and knocking back a few beers, and then paying with bitcoin. What, you expected something else? Here's what you can learn from them. "Just let me know when you're ready to pay, and I'll bring the iPad over." Ipull into the bar an hour early. Right away something feels different about this place. Every car in the parking lot is covered in bumper stickers. "Ron Paul 2012" "Yes, I am THAT Libertarian" "Vermin Supreme 2016" "Liberty Radio Network" "PorcFest 2018" "Free State Project" "Live Free or Die" "Liberty In Our Lifetime" "I am [...]

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6-Hour Coffee, Or: “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Instant Send”

This Coffee Is Delicious! Is It Double-Spend Free? TL;DR: "Instant Send" is a feature in Dash that gives you confidence in seconds that your payment is good without waiting minutes or hours for confirmation. “Let’s just open up this bitcoin wallet, and — ”  There I was, standing with drooping, glazed-eyes, waiting in line at my local bitcoin-accepting coffee shop. As my stomach gurgled its demands, I prepared my phone for payment. Uh oh. What’s this?  My last bitcoin transaction still hasn’t confirmed? How could that be, it was 6 hours ago!  Oh, no. Will my payment at this coffee shop even work? How long will I have to wait before they give me the coffee, or will the girl behind the counter just hand it to me while she rolls her [...]

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8 Ways Your Business Benefits from taking Bitcoin today

Odds are you have a friend or relative who owns some bitcoin. They tell you it is the money the whole world is going to use one day. You might be skeptical, and with good reason -- basically nobody accepts it for real goods and services yet. But that is changing. Business owners are seizing the opportunity to position their businesses for huge windfalls in the coming months and years. You have heard stories about this or that guy who got some bitcoin early and now they are retired, living on some island smoking piña coladas. Yeah, well, even if that guy isn't you, there are 8 reasons why you should consider accepting bitcoin at your business, even if you think you missed the boat or that bitcoin is totally stupid. 1. [...]

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