Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Buys Real Goods and Services with Anypay

Before Bitcoin Cash was even born — when it was just an idea — Anypay users were asking if we would be supporting it. Yes, of course we would! We love Bitcoin Cash and its vision of a world where people use cryptocurrency as digital cash to buy real goods and services in their everyday lives. Our team has been using Bitcoin Core (BTC) that way for nearly a decade, but something changed: Bitcoin became perverted by new entrants to the coinosphere. Gamblers, speculators, and ideologically vapid people who saw wild profits (in dollars, mind you) swarmed bitcoin and overran it with high fees, slow transaction confirmation times, and a pathetically uninspiring vision: that bitcoin was a means to make dollars. Bitcoin became the tulip mania that all its critics always claimed it was. So it is…

Until Bitcoin Cash. When BCH forked off, it shed its fat, ugly layer of loser nobodies who were frantically buying up as many digital tokens as they could, getting high off the rush from their imaginations of lambos and yachts and get-rich-quick easy money. Good riddance!

Bitcoin Cash seemed to retain all the coolest people that we knew and loved from the original bitcoin, except it had a much higher signal to noise ratio than its predecessor. The focus was right in the name: CASH. Bitcoin Cash is about spendability. Low fees. Easy to send, easy to accept. No permission or gatekeepers. Just plain old electronic peer-to-peer cash, like the bitcoin we knew and loved from years before.

Why, then, did it take so long for Anypay to finally integrate BCH onto its popular point-of-sale platform? Don’t we love Roger Ver? (Yes, we do.) Aren’t we ideological libertarian anarchists who want as much competition among money as possible? (Yes, we are!) Then what gives?? Why no BCH?

The answer is: We had to build it right. We initially released support for BCH in November of 2017, just months after its initial release. Some users would test it, and occasionally it would not work as expected. It remained supported off and on for the next year and a half. We focussed on other coins that paid us to develop better features, such as Dash. But the flames in our hearts still burned for Bitcoin Cash. We knew we would come back to it, someday, to treat it right — to give it the beautiful, easy to use, and ideologically pure point of sale app it deserves!

And finally, it is done. BCH is now fully supported on Anypay. Go ahead and try it! You will be amazed at how fast your payment arrives in your wallet. Your eyes will well up at the beauty and simplicity of the experience. You will see God.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit too much. Our app is just a glorified QR-code generator, after all. But its strength is in its simplicity. You can approach any business, and in minutes have them accepting multiple cryptocurrencies on their store iPad, Android tablet, mobile, or desktop — totally free, without IDs, and without any complicated setup.

Many of our merchants already have BCH addresses set. For them, there is nothing special or extra they need to do. They are ready to accept payments immediately. For everyone else, all you have to do is copy/paste in your BCH address where you want payments to arrive, and voila! BCH is now a payment option on your Anypay app. It is really that easy.

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