Bitcoin at Your Online Store – Anypay® WordPress Plugin

Aug 14, 2020

Take payment in bitcoin at your online store using Anypay’s WordPress plugin. Allows for customers to pay you in BCH, BSV, BTC, and DASH. Get the WordPress plugin here.

This week, Anypay Inc released an update to our WordPress Plugin that makes it even easier to add BCH, BSV, BTC, and DASH as payment options on your website. The plugin is free and coordinates payments directly between the customer and the merchant. No middleman. Anypay charges a $0.01 fee per transaction and never holds your funds, not even for a second. You get 100%. Your customer pays the extra $0.01 fee to Anypay as an extra output in their payment.

  1. Create an Anypay account.
  2. Paste your bitcoin address.
  3. Connect Anypay to your WordPress.

Get the app here: ( iOS , Android , Web )