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Interledger Summit New Hampshire

Portsmouth, New Hampshire Contributors the the open source distributed protocol Interledger will be gathering in New Hampshire from May 15 through May 19. The group will focus on integrating the Interledger protocol payments into real world retail commerce. Portsmouth is widely known as one of the world's top destination for digital currency use, and participants aim to use the Interledger payment protocol to purchase food and entertainment by the end of the event. The summit, which is hosted by Anypay, a Portsmouth-based digital currency software technology company, remains exclusive and aims to attract a select number of digital currency entrepreneurs from the free state movement. The summit kicks off with a dinner on May 15 at La Maison Navarre, a fine French bistro that accepts a number of digital currencies as payment, [...]

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Bitcoin’s Price Collapse Bolsters Real Crypto Users

The falling value of crypto currency from Bitcoin's peak of purchasing power alarms a vast swath of crypto currency enthusiasts. But do all crypto currency enthusiasts matter? Do people who simply buy and sell bitcoins on exchanges matter? Currency Is A Network Of Goods And Services Currencies represent networks of goods and services that can be directly acquired using said currency. As we build new currencies and new markets of goods and services available in exchange for Bitcoin let us remember the forces that give rise to the value of currency. Currency's value derives not from exchanging it for other currency, rather in exchanging it for actual consumable products. In that sense the people who willingly trade their own labor and products for crypto currency matter most. The degree to which a [...]

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