What do you get BitCoin for his tenth birthday? A Pizza Party!

A local business owner walked into the Anypay offices a few weeks ago.

“Would be awesome to take bitcoin at my restaurant. Do you guys… do that?”

Turns out he owns a pizza shop and likes bitcoin. Well isn’t that good timing? Bitcoin Pizza Day right around the corner, and a guy walks in ready to sell me pizzas for bitcoin. It was fate.

He downloaded Anypay, set some addresses, and took a payment.

“Cool! That’s it?”

Yeah, that’s everyone’s reaction the first time they use Anypay.

I asked him if we could bring some friends to his restaurant and use bitcoin. He was like, “Yeah!” So a week later, we went to try it out. Bought some spicy chicken wings and a case of cold Guinness beers to go. Tap, tap, tap. Scan, ding, cha-ching! Easy.

Okay, that worked.

He was like, “My cashier can just ring people up like this? On their phones? Okay, that sounds simple enough.”

So I went home, got on, and announced an event for May 22, Bitcoin Pizza Day. Got zero response there. Ha! But fortunately on Facebook, 10 people RSVP’d as Going, and 18 as Maybe. Not bad! But how many would show up?

Turned out to be a really nice day. 86 degrees Fahrenheit at 5pm in Portsmouth. Off I went early to the meetup with Steven so that I could help to train the staff on what was about to go down. People would soon be arriving to buy stuff from the restaurant, and the cashiers needed to know what to do.

I met them all. They were happy to see me. “OH, Albert told us you’d be here!” Two of them stepped up and said, “We need our phones, right?”

Tap, tap, tap. Cha-ching, cha-ching. $1.00 test payment. $0.50 test payment. $0.05 test payment. Okay, I think we got it.

Now for the first order.

“Two large pizzas with extra toppings, that’ll be $42.17. How would you like to pay?”

“Bitcoin, please.”

“Of course!” She smiled and popped open the app she had saved to her home screen. Tap, tap, tap. Ding! Confetti on her screen.

“Okay! That’ll be ready in about ten minutes. I’ll bring it out to you. Do you need some paper plates and napkins?”

Awesome. I was so happy. This was it! Another restaurant taking bitcoin. The real stuff. Directly to the owner. Feels good, man.

In the end, there were ten people who showed up (eleven if you include one couple’s toddler). Here are some pictures and videos of today’s meetup for the history books.

Yes, in the title of this article, I said “Birthday.” Now, most people consider the white paper’s publishing date to be bitcoin’s birthday, but they’re wrong! Bitcoin is not an idea. Bitcoin is money! The white paper conceived bitcoin. The genesis block gave it a heartbeat (every ten minutes). Bitcoin Pizza Day was bitcoin’s journey through the birth canal and out into the real world.

With great love and respect,

Derrick Horton
President, Anypay Inc.

P.S. Eight of us paid with BCH today. One person paid with a credit card (we made fun of him). One person (me) paid with BTC. Is it my favorite? No. I did it to honor the business owner’s preference. That’s what he wants, so I gave it to him.

Can you believe some people who live in the same town as this pizza place didn’t come to this event because the business owner doesn’t have a Dash wallet? Wow! Don’t let that be you! You will miss out on the fun.

The fact that we had this party here today and paid in his preferred way gives us credibility. Now when we go to him and ask if he would consider BitcoinSV, he will be listening with both ears because we are already paying customers who can give him something that few others can.

Be brave. Be fun. Be bitcoin.


These services will blow your mind. All are BSV only.

You need to know about these.

Most people who think they are “in bitcoin” connect a bank account to Coinbase, log into Twitter, and watch the red and green candles take them on emotional rollercoaster rides like pathetic gambling addicts.

Anyone who is worth anything actually uses bitcoin. And if you use bitcoin, you quickly discover what’s good and what’s not. I shouldn’t even be telling you this because so much of bitcoin is an intelligence test to keep stupid people out, but at the risk of alienating myself from the most intelligent among us, here are some links to stuff that I personally have used and really think you ought to know about.

In alphabetical order:


audioB – Discover and share original audio created by independent music producers, podcasters, DJs and more. Reward your favourite artists with micro-payments, powered by Bitcoin SV.


Ark – App and Chrome Extension powered by BitcoinSV that gives you the super power to save stories and articles and cool websites that you love. Imagine if every time you saw an article you liked but didn’t have time to read, you could just save it in your Ark. It then gets posted to the blockchain in its entirety, so even if the website goes down or gets censored, you still have it permanently recorded. Of course, everything is locked up and protected the same way your bitcoin wallet is — with a 12-word backup phrase. Now imagine you are long gone, and your grandchildren want to know what made you such a great person. What was grandpa reading back in 2020? You can hand over your 12-word phrase to anyone you want, and they can see the entire history of everything you ever posted. All the articles you read and liked and wanted to save. Everything.


Baemail – Encrypt emails and apply economics to your inbox. Instead of all emails being free (which, nothing is truly free) — you can attach bitcoin to messages you send to friends. Your inbox can tell people, “Hey, to send George a message and have your email appear at the top of his inbox, you will need to attach $1.28” — Wouldn’t you be a lot more likely to open and read an email if you got paid for your precious time?

bico.mediaUpload huge files of any type to the bitcoin blockchain and share them as easily as you do a link. Pictures, audio, video, documents, whatever. This site makes it super easy. Upload, pay some bitcoin, and enjoy your files.


bitpic – An avatar that you post in one place, on bitcoin, and you can use it on all of your web services. It’s like Gravitar, but you own it (with your keys). It’s nice having a profile picture!


bitstagram – A cool, easy place to post and share pictures that you want to save for a long time. Sort of like Instagram, but instead of some faceless corporation owning your pictures once you post them, these pictures are yours. Meaning, they were published and signed using your keys. So you can cryptographically prove ownership. Take your posts and republish them anywhere you please. – A website that gives you the super power to post text to the bitcoin blockchain. All your posts are signed with your private key. You can show previews of your posts to everyone on the site, reveal the whole thing, or put all or part of it behind a paywall. When you pay to read someone’s content, that is a bitcoin transaction that goes from your wallet to theirs, and it leaves a permanent record of that transaction on the blockchain. Beautiful. Owning your keys means you can always take your content with you with that same 12-word backup phrase you use for your wallet and pop it into any bitcoin client. Amazing.

Coin Dance

Coin Dance – The most important bitcoin charts you need to see. All the essentials about BTC, BCH, and BSV. Hash rates, transaction volumes, average fees, etc. Even a brief look at these charts will reveal exciting insights into the past, present, and future of bitcoin.


HandCash – The best Bitcoin wallet. Period. I love to use it. I have used dozens over the years. This one puts them all to shame. You can have a handle, so no more annoying scanning long strings of letters and numbers. Just send $5 to $derrickj and you’re done. Instant confirmation, so you can turn around and spend your money right away. Of course it works even if you only send $0.01. Supports the Anypay Protocol. These guys are the best.

Money Button

Money Button – Holy hell, this one is amazing. You have no idea. Imagine a button that can appear on any site, and you swipe the button, and it pays. There are even invisible Money Buttons so that when you click the “Like” button on a post, it automatically pays out $0.02 or whatever it costs. For programmers, this is amazing because if you wanted to sell a mug on your website before, you had to take in all kinds of baloney information and have forms and security and make it do all this complicated stuff but now with Money Button, all that is taken care of magically with Bitcoin. You can use this to power all kinds of stuff, like identity verification, and signing into apps like Twetch, where you can use it for your wallet as well. It also supports creating countless Paymails that you can even put on the market for others to buy with Bitcoin!


Planaria – A way to use bitcoin as a computer. I don’t fully understand this one because my IQ just isn’t high enough, but my understanding is that you can write programs and they can be executed by anyone (or anything) interacting with them via bitcoin transactions.

Planaria Corp

Planaria Corp – A profit-seeking corporation based in New York City that aims to create powerful, simple, and elegant tools for people to use to build on bitcoin. It’s almost like the world has just begun, and man has just invented fire (bitcoin), and Planaria Corp opened up a Home Depot across the street from our caves. Here’s a hammer. Here’s a chainsaw. Here’s some pipes. Here’s some wheels. They have got it all. How do they do it?

Retro Twetch

Retro Twetch – A proof of concept that you can take the same content on Twetch and apply a new lens on top in order to use a different interface. It’s beautiful and works really well. Sometimes more fun to use than actual Twetch. And created by a super cool and helpful explainer Joshua Henslee. He’s awesome.


sCrypt – Wow so this one is ambitious. sCrypt is a programming language created to make it easy for coders to make cool stuff happen on the bitcoin blockchain. It can take human-readable code and convert it into machine readable code that bitcoin knows how to work with. You can do loops and everything you would expect from a real programming language because bitcoin is Turing complete.

Simply Cash

Simply Cash – A terrific wallet that I love to recommend. Simple. It opens right up, and you’re ready to go. Supports Paymail (a way to use a human-readable address rather than a long jumbled up mess of letters and numbers to communicate your bitcoin address.

True Reviews

True Reviews – Imagine if trolls couldn’t leave fake reviews. Yeah. Only verified customers. True Reviews uses cryptographic proofs in bitcoin to link your wallet to your reviews, so businesses can know with certainty that the person leaving a review on their page actually purchased something from their store. Businesses can focus on serving their real customers.


Twetch – One of the coolest and most ambitious products of the new century. Twetch is so much more than a Twitter on the blockchain. Their CEO Josh Petty and his terrific team of badasses have a solid vision and an attitude that matches their die-hard work ethic. They are building the interface to bitcoin. There’s a lot in that sentence, so it will take too long to unpack here, but you definitely want to start down this rabbit hole if you value your future.


WeatherSV – Remember the Ministry of Truth in 1984? They would change information in old newspapers to modify the past. He who controls the past, controls the present. He who controls the present, controls the future. So it goes. But now, with WeatherSV, that would be an impossibility. Because the weather data is stored to an immutable, distributed ledger called bitcoin.

Okay, now keep these to yourself. I don’t want word getting out that I shared them with you. If anyone asks, pretend you discovered them on your own.

With great love and respect,

Derrick Horton
President, Anypay Inc.


What’s the deal with Anypay and BTC?

“Elaine, breaking up is like knocking over a Coke machine. You can’t do it in one push; you gotta rock it back and forth a few times, and then it goes over.”

Jerry Seinfeld, The Voice

A long-time Anypay user who owns a restaurant sent me an email last night, sounding distressed. His business has been accepting bitcoin for over seven years. Until recent events made meetups impossible, his restaurant was home to the longest continuously running Bitcoin meetup in the world. Countless big names and major players in bitcoin have been his customers. So when his email came to me at 8:15 PM yesterday evening, I knew I had to reply immediately.

“I saw an article saying Anypay is no longer taking Bitcoin?!?! Please get back to me about this.”

Thanks Ian. Your click-bait article made everyone freak out at us and forced the issue.

Breaking up is hard to do. We said it was over with BTC in February. Then we took BTC back. Now it looks like we are breaking up again. Look, BTC is not marriage material. We had great times, but it is time to face facts: BTC has changed.

“In the information economy, the economy can change as fast as we change our minds.”

George Gilder, Life After Google

If you already know why using BTC sucks, you can skip this post. But for those of you who are reading this and thinking, “What the hell?” please read on, or else you will soon be hopelessly lost and confused. You need to know the truth, and I am going to tell you what no one else will.

BTC sucks for merchants

Anypay supports 3 forks of bitcoin:

  • Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Bitcoin Legacy (BTC)

Anypay recommends against using Bitcoin Legacy (BTC) for payments. It is unfair to business owners and an overall bad experience for everyone.

At the time of publishing, the cost to get your bitcoin transaction into the next block is on the Bitcoin Legacy blockchain is 318 sats/byte (roughly $7.50). Let us say you are patient and can wait an extra twenty minutes to an hour, so you include a fee of $5.00.

How long can you wait?

Customers have to pay that extra fee on top no matter the size of their bill.

Even if your customer are only sending you $1.00, they have to pay $1.00 to you, plus $5.00 on top of that to send the transaction. It costs them $6.00 to send you $1.00.

Fine. Now say you wanna spend that $1.00. You can’t. You need at least $5.00 just to spend it. So now what? You can try and spend it by attaching a lower transaction fee, but then you’ll have to wait for it to get confirmed in the blockchain.

There were 80,000 unconfirmed transactions waiting in the BTC mempool earlier this week. Try transacting at a high-traffic time, and your transaction could take hours, days, or never happen and get rejected after waiting all that time. Bitcoin Legacy can only process so many transactions per day. The lower the fee, the longer you wait.

You might say, “Who cares about a five dollar transaction fee? I have a lot more than that.”

Fees, fees, fees

OK. But you have to pay a fee per input! That means if I paid you $25.00 in BTC, it would cost me $25.00 plus $5.00 to get it to you. Then you would have $25.00 in BTC, but you can only spent $20.00 worth because $5.00 gets eaten up in fees.

That is a scenario with one input, one output. What happens when you want to spend multiple outputs?

Instead of a one-time payment of $25.00, I pay for five separate drinks on five separate occasions. Let’s say each drink costs $5.00. I, as the customer, pay a total of $50.00 to transmit $25.00 of value in BTC. (That’s $5.00 for the drink, plus a $5.00 fee on top every time.)

Here’s the kicker: That $25.00 of BTC you have? It’s made up of five different inputs. Uh oh! That means you have to pay a fee on each one. That’s $5.00 per input, so it will cost you $25.00 in fees to spend. You get zero dollars of purchasing power from that $25.00 of BTC! Ouch!

How is it possible that someone spent $50.00 paying you, and you get $0.00?

Clearly, using this coin doesn’t make any sense anymore.

It screws the merchant. 

And BTC fees are only going up. 

We will keep supporting it, but God, how much longer can we continue to look ourselves in the mirror and pretend this is okay?

Fees on BCH, BSV, and DASH are all less than $0.01. I just checked, and it is currently over 31,279 times more expensive to transact on BTC. 

Aaaand it’s gone

If you thought losing your purchasing power was bad, try this on for size: BTC has a feature called “replace by fee” that allows customers to send a bitcoin transaction to a merchant, and then before it is confirmed, they can change the output (“replace”) by supplying a higher fee (“by fee”) and send the bitcoin payment back to themselves! Well that sucks if you are a merchant!

Your cashier thinks the customer paid, but after the customer walks out, he reverses the transaction, leaving you with nothing.

If you owned a bar like this guy and had been accepting BTC for seven years, you would be rightly pissed to learn this information. All that money you think you made, but it is all going to get eaten up by transaction fees? If you are lucky enough to have some value left over after paying fees, your transaction could get stuck in the mempool for hours, days, or may never confirm. Oh, and some of your customers used “replace by fee” to reverse their transactions without you or your staff knowing about it, appearing to pay while actually sending you nothing.

This merchant has countless unspent outputs. When he sends BTC, can you imagine the fee he is going to pay? Bars, like most businesses, receive lots of small dollar value transactions. He may have lots of BTC, but it is made up of tons of small inputs.

With e-currency based on cryptographic proof, without the need to trust a third party middleman, money can be secure and transactions effortless.

Satoshi Nakamoto

There is good news. Remember those qualities that made you fall in love with Bitcoin in the first place? How about the ability to transact with anyone in the world, instantly, for a fraction of a penny? What about the promise of smart contractsprograms that “live on the blockchain” and self-execute when a user sends a payment? How about decentralized, time-stamped, and encrypted data storage? Tokenized assets. Verifiable identities. Immutable records. Consensus — the solution to the Byzantine Generals Problem.

You can have all this, plus the economics that provide stability and scalability. Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision is the bitcoin outlined in Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper. BitcoinSV’s fees are decreasing while the number of transactions on the network are increasing.

  1. Stable protocol.
  2. Miners have choice.
  3. Miners compete to process transactions, resulting in lower transaction fees.
  4. Lower transaction fees allow for lots of transactions for lower cost to users.
  5. More transactions become possible because miners can choose to mine big blocks. (Put another way, transaction processors can choose to process more transactions.)
  6. More transactions results in more fees to the transaction processors.
  7. More transaction fees attract new transaction processors, giving users more options and lower fees overall.

These are the economic conditions you want. A fixed protocol. Competition among service providers. Freedom to differentiate. A predictable supply of monetary units with a fixed upper limit. Put all this together, and you have the best tool for communicating value among people the world has ever seen.

Now you know.

With great love and respect,

Derrick Horton
President, Anypay Inc.


HandCash & Anypay Implement Peer-to-peer Checkouts for Both Retail & Online Payments

Link to original

LONDON, April 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — HandCash recently announced that in conjunction with Money Button, it was undertaking a series of initiatives to make Bitcoin (BSV) function in a truly peer-to-peer fashion just as intended by its designer, Dr. Craig Steven Wright – AKA Satoshi Nakamoto. 

Today, HandCash announces that together with Anypay they have successfully implemented the famous BIP270 protocol: a peer-to-peer (or customer-to-merchant in this case) payments communication standard. It provides both online and retail merchants with safer, faster and more efficient checkouts.

While P2P Paymail effectively acts as a push transaction protocol, P2P Checkouts is a full BIP270 implementation where transaction structure negotiation is possible. In addition, payment related data is exchanged, like for example, invoice information.

This makes it possible for non-custodial wallets and merchants like Anypay to earn Bitcoin (BSV) without ever holding their customers’ money, and saving them money and bureaucracy in money transmitter and custodial licenses.

Plus, they no longer need to run a full node to monitor the whole blockchain – wallets like HandCash will send the transaction directly to them and they just need to verify it. It’s a huge win in efficiency and operational costs.

Key benefits

  • Payments that do not comply with the merchant’s requirements can be rejected before being broadcasted to the miner layer. 
  • The ability to set prices in fiat currencies, so the calculation with the current exchange rate is done every time. 
  • Improvements in user experience and reduced support tickets as the new format does not allow for wallets to send the wrong kind of token. 
  • There is no nothing new to learn from the user’s perspective as it will still work for QR code payments, deep links, NFC and mostly any other format. 
  • Compatibility with Miner ID and Merchant API. This allows payment processors to get the lowest fee rates for each checkout, while improving reliability by making sure the payment will be processed by miners. 
  • Its ability to pay to multiple recipients (other companies, individuals and organizations) in just one invoice brings unlimited creativity for designing new types of payments. 
  • Merchants can include a signed receipt ID inside the transaction. 
  • These checkout payments can be tokenized, for traceability and transparency reasons, for platforms like TrueReviews where it can help keeping with the integrity of the information submitted.

These improvements will require updating HandCash and Anypay apps, but websites already using Anypay for checkouts won’t need to do anything.

Give it a try!

See for yourself how blazing fast p2p payments are by shopping for 250+ major retailers and paying with HandCash at, as they already use the new checkout system by Anypay. Bitcoin SV checkouts just became great.



Setup Biz, Earn Rewards Every Day

What if you got bitcoin in your wallet every day?

If you set up businesses with Anypay Cash Register, not only can you give them a free and easy tool for accepting bitcoin payments, but you can also get rewards whenever people shop there.

Tons of people are already doing the hard work without getting much in the way of benefits. Now there is a system, live today, where they can earn passive income in bitcoin, delight their local businesses with an easy-to-use app for accepting multiple types of bitcoin, and drive a steady stream of traffic to those business to keep them active.

Some people have been receiving payments for months! We began this program with a pilot group of about 5 people, and now it is ready for you and your friends to take advantage of the opportunity. Get several wins in one by setting up your favorite businesses with Anypay.


P2P Protocol / Dash Core + Electrum

Programmable money is so cool. Here’s something you can do with it. “Peer to Peer” payments.

Electronic cash should go direct from customer to merchant without a third party in the middle, or a “hop” from one address to another.

Using the P2P Protocol, you can now pay electronically the same way you would with paper cash — by handing the payment directly to the merchant’s wallet yourself.

Anypay makes this super easy, and this is fully supported on Dash Android Wallet, Dash iOS Wallet, Dash Core Wallet, and Dash Electrum Wallet. Tight!

Here’s how it works. The customer’s wallet:

  1. Scans a payment request
  2. Learns the payment information
  3. Composes a transaction
  4. Signs the transaction
  5. Sends the signed transaction to the payment processor

The payment processor (Anypay) checks that the transaction is valid, and then broadcasts the signed transaction (or rejects it if invalid).

This whole process happens in less than a second. Perfect, instant settlement with Peer to Peer Electronic Cash. Let’s continue together on our life journey to expand prosperity through tech.


Bringing “Peer to Peer” Back to Bitcoin

Today I learned about an old feature in bitcoin that is new again. It is a way of transmitting information across the bitcoin network that is faster, more scalable, more peer-to-peer, and allows for more data to be shared than the traditional method.

According to Ivan from HandCash (“the Bitcoin wallet you can recommend”), Satoshi’s original client included a way to do transactions with another peer via IP, but it was vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks and was deleted.

Then bitpay came along and got the Bip70 thing going. That made it possible for wallets and payment processors to do something similar but with greater security. But nobody liked it. It was annoying, and not all wallets supported it, and it’s kind of in use now but not ubiquitous.

Fast forward to today: HandCash and Anypay announce P2P transactions at point of sale! That means your transactions will always be:

  1. Instant
  2. Correct
  3. Able to include extra information

What kind of extra information? How about stuff like, “Who bought this? What store was this transaction at? What item was purchased?” Stuff like that.


Q&A with Derrick Freeman from Anypay Inc.

Quite a long time already BSV, BCH, DASH, and BTC are available on the Anypay Cash Register app, which is designed to provide everyone the ability to accept digital assets for payments at their business. Quick and easy. This interview reveals how Anypay can give business an advantage over your competition.

What is Anypay? What is it for?

The Anypay Cash Register is a free app that adds bitcoin as a payment option at your business.

The Anypay Cash Register is easy and intuitive for your staff to use. It is free in the app stores. You can download it right now (iOS and Android), set your address, and you are ready to take payments in literally seconds.

What are the advantages of Anypay? Who are your target users?

The advantages for using Anypay Cash Register are compelling: First, Anypay is #1 in the world for ease of use. You really can’t mess anything up. It walks you through the quick setup in a simple way without asking for a bunch of compromising information.

No email required.

You don’t even need an email address to use the app. There are advantages to providing one, though. You can link multiple devices to one account, view sales reports (for easy accounting), add yourself to the Anypay Map, offer a bitcoin tip jar, and magically receive payments with zero hardware.

Map attracts customers to you.

Adding yourself to the Anypay Map takes a few seconds to type in your business name and address. Once there, nearby crypto users can easily find you. Not only that, but your Anypay Cash Register app provides instant updates to the map when someone makes a crypto payment at your store. Instantly know if a business has taken a crypto payment in the last week, last month, or maybe it has been longer than that, and they need some love and attention! This is a great tool for crypto meetups and communities to rally around local businesses and keep them actively accepting payments.

We pay your customers to shop.

One popular advantage is Anypay’s CashBack program. Specially designed to inspire crypto-savers to finally plunk down their coins and spend them in the real world, Anypay rewards users with an instant bonus for spending their coins at a local business. Your business needs to reach out to Anypay by email to verify that you are a real business, but when you do, your customers will get 10% back on all their purchases — instantly! Right now this program is active for DASH and BCH only.

Kickbacks for onboarding merchants.

Anypay Cash Register is the obvious choice for you if you want your city to become a crypto-hub because you can get paid when people spend crypto. Anypay calls this our Ambassador Program. Say you love a yoga studio. You want them to take crypto. Set them up with the Anypay Cash Register and let us know about it, and you get paid every time someone spends there. Right now we award 1% for sales in BCH and DASH. You earn passive income from setting up businesses to accept crypto with the Anypay Cash Register.

No Cashier? No Problem!

Here’s another one: Anypay Grab and Go. Say you run a business. You use Square as your POS. Simply sign in to the Anypay Admin app, tap “Connect with Square,” enter your Square login, and boom. All of your inventory now has QR code printable labels that your customers can use to pay without your cashier even opening the Anypay Cash Register. There is a popular health food store near the Anypay office where our staff likes to grab lunch, and get this — we can skip the line! Because you can pay for the items directly, the cashier gets a notification on her device, and you are on your way out the door!

No hardware needed.

Okay, best one for last: Anypay’s Energy City app. This is really cool. Businesses that use Anypay get a special way to pay that removes the need to interact with cashier entirely. The customer opens the Energy City app on their phone, selects a nearby business, enters the amount to pay, and pays right from their phone. You can even send a tip to their tip jar — from any distance! Want to send payment in advance before picking up your salad order? Go ahead and use Energy City, and the business can see, “Oh, look at that, a paid invoice for $11.99” — “Hey, yep — that was me. I’m here for my salad.” And off you go, looking futuristic as hell.

Regarding adoption, what are the most important qualities in a digital asset?

The most important quality of digital asset adoption is: Connectedness. A close second is the security of the network, but first, good money must connect you to the things you want. Good money connects people to their favorite places and things. So any money that is going to be adopted needs to be useful to people besides yourself. One way you can advance adoption of a cryptocurrency is by accepting it yourself in exchange for goods and services offered in the marketplace. The easiest and best way to do that is by downloading the Anypay Cash Register app and adding your business to the map.

What are Anypay’s fees?

No fees for regular use. Why should there be fees to accept money from your customers? The Anypay Cash Register app lets you enter your addresses and walk away. You will never have to hang around and awkwardly accept payments directly on your phone. Instead, your staff will use the same iPad they are already using to take payments from other customers, and boom — the payments go right into your wallet. The only fees are the transaction fee for sending payment, and fee to forward payment along to the merchant. Those fees go to the miners securing the network, not to Anypay. There is a $0.05 fee that goes to Anypay when you use those printable Grab-and-Go QR codes, since that is actually an innovation that will save your business time and money and make it more efficient and make the cashier’s job more delightful. That’s the only fee right now — $0.05 on Grab-and-Go items.

We also have a 2.9% fee to convert to fiat. We will do it, but we want you to keep the coins in the economy. But yeah, if you want your payments to convert to USD, we can send you a bank transfer in 1-2 business days for a 2.9% fee. We don’t like doing this and strongly encourage businesses to learn how to grow the economy by spending the coins they receive directly at other local businesses or online.

Can a beginner use Anypay?

OF COURSE a beginner can use Anypay! It is the easiest platform. If a person wants to accept payments in Bitcoin but has never done that before, here’s what you do:

  1. Download the Edge wallet or some other wallet.
  2. Copy the addresses.
  3. Paste them into the Anypay Cash Register.

You now accept bitcoin. It doesn’t matter what device you use — payments go right into your wallet. You can go surfing while your cashier rings up customers, and boom, coins land in your pocket.

Anypay also offers the simplest and most delightful WooCommerce Plugin for accepting bitcoin on your WordPress site. Search “Anypay” in the WooCommerce plugin store, and click “Activate.” Paste in your addresses, and you’re good to go.

Really, Anypay makes the best tools for bitcoin users because it is *made by bitcoin users.* We don’t just make this stuff because other people demand it. We make it because WE demand it! We want to have the coolest, best experience when paying — better than cash and credit cards because that’s when we can see adoption really take off. When we provide an easier, faster, more efficient experience for your business and your customers, everybody wins.


“Okay, big deal. A few bucks.” Or: How Ambassador Rewards Work

Your phone buzzes. You check to see the message, and oh — you just got $0.50 of bitcoin. 

Later, you’re working out when your phone dings. Oh, $1.00 of bitcoin!

The next morning, you wake up and check your phone again — how about that, $2.25 of bitcoin arrived in your wallet overnight.

Okay, big deal. A few bucks. Maybe it’s not a lot of money, but what if this was happening a hundred times a day? That could be pretty sweet.

Some of you reading this newsletter are already receiving small amounts of Bitcoin Cash and Dash like magic into your wallets a few times each week. 

We call these people “Ambassadors.” They helped businesses in their town set up Anypay. Now they get 1% of all the Bitcoin Cash and Dash sales at those businesses. Pretty sweet.

Get this. A few guys in Bangkok love Dash, and they onboarded dozens of businesses with Anypay. Now they can spend Dash at those businesses, and they get Dash every time someone pays! 

But these guys did something clever. When they set these businesses up with Anypay, they made sure to also set them up to accept Bitcoin Cash. Now, they get a 1% Dash reward every time someone pays with Dash — AND they get Bitcoin Cash every time someone pays with Bitcoin Cash! They get both!

So now whenever the Bangkok Bitcoin Cash folks have a meetup at a bar or restaurant using Anypay — cha-ching!

This is great if you host meetups. Imagine getting 1% from everyone’s order, every time you have a meetup there. And once you introduce them to that great restaurant, they’ll be back again and again to pay with bitcoin. And you’ll collect 1% every time.

“But,” I can hear you say, “People shouldn’t be charged extra for using Bitcoin Cash and Dash! I don’t want to earn at their expense!” 

We agree. That’s why the coins don’t come from the customer.

“But the merchant shouldn’t be charged either! Bitcoin removes the need for payment processor fees!”

We hear you. The coins don’t come from the merchant, either.

Anypay’s software automatically sends Dash and Bitcoin Cash to these people because they earned it. They did the hard work of talking to business owners and getting them to install our software. They should get a reward every time someone uses it. 

That grows the Anypay network. And as much as we love talking to businesses and helping them use Anypay, there is really no one better than you. They’re your neighbors. They are your local hangout. They are real people in your life, and if this bitcoin thing is ever going to happen, it’s going to take lots of real conversations on the ground with local business owners. There’s really no substitute.

So we offer this incentive. 1% on all Bitcoin Cash and Dash purchases through Anypay. You set up a business, you get rewards.

So the next time your phone buzzes and you check your messages, maybe some bitcoin just landed in your wallet.

Want to know more? Click here for a full guide and Anypay Ambassador tips for success.


The Complete Guide to Becoming an Anypay Ambassador

(And how to succeed once you get there.)


1) Cultivate a spirit of helpfulness. 

2) Direct it at local business owners for your mutual gain. 

3) Maintain.

Go back and write the intro last!


  • Attitude
  • Attire
  • Preparing for Success
  • Doing It
  • Dealing with Success
  • Next Steps


“Attitude is everything, so pick a good one.” 

– Wayne W. Dyer

Give yourself the best chance of success by adopting the right attitude. You are about to embark on an amazing adventure. One that will have you growing in new ways you never dreamed before. One that will have you meeting people and making new friendships. You will become a regular at many local establishments. You will be the person that everyone in town looks to for guidance with bitcoin questions. You are about to level up in a big way, so let’s make sure you’ve got your mind right.

But first, a story:

In a certain railroad yard there stood an extremely heavy train that had to be drawn up an unusually heavy grade before it could reach its destination. The superintendent of the yard was
not sure what it was best for him to do, so he
 went up to a large, strong engine and asked: “Can you pull that train over the hill?”

“It is a very heavy train,” responded the engine.

He then went to another great engine and
 “Can you pull that train over the hill?”

“It is a very heavy grade,” it replied.

The superintendent was much puzzled, but he turned to still another engine that was spick
and span new, and he asked it:
 “Can you pull that train over the hill?”

“I think I can,” responded the engine.

So the order was circulated, and the engine was started back so that it might be coupled
 with the train, and as it went along the rails it
 kept repeating to itself: “I think I can. I think
 I can. I think I can.”

The coupling was made and the engine began its journey, and all along the level, as it rolled 
toward the ascent, it kept repeating to itself:
 “I —think —I can. I —think —I— can. I —think— I —can.”

Then it reached the grade, but its voice could still be heard: “I think I can. I—– think—–I—–can. 
I —–think—– I—– can.” Higher and higher it climbed, and its voice
grew fainter and its words came slower: 
”I ——-think ——–I——-can.”

It was almost to the top.

“I ———think”

It was at the top.

”I ———can.”

It passed over the top of the hill and began crawling down the opposite slope.

’I ——think——- I—— can——I—– thought——I——-could I—– thought—– I—– could. I thought I could. I thought I could.
I thought I could.”

And singing its triumph, it rushed on down 
toward the valley.


You are the engine at the beginning of the story — spic and span and new. About to embark on a journey. To give yourself the greatest advantage, put it into your head the image of you achieving your goal. Think positive thoughts about yourself. You can do this! You are smart and talented and great with people. Tell yourself you can do it!

What is “it”? In this case, the goal is helping business owners earn bitcoin. How? By connecting with them on a real level. Find out what their challenges are — what are they struggling with — and then see if you can offer them something that will help them achieve their goals. You aren’t going in there to their businesses to get something out of them. You are going in there to help them achieve something

It’s a little paradoxical, but in order to be the hero of the story, you must first be the servant. The engine that carried the heavy train up the hill is the hero of the story. Nobody remembers the superintendent of the railroad who asked the engine if he could carry the train over the hill.  But because of his attitude and his willingness to serve others, everyone knows and loves “the little engine that could.” 

Let yours be an attitude of, “How can I help you?” rather than “Can you do this for me?”


“Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable 

that we have to alter it every six months.”

– Oscar Wilde

While fashions change, these timeless recommendations will give you the greatest advantage when meeting with people. Because it’s really not about fashion. Attire in the context of meeting with business owners is about showing respect. They may be wearing an apron covered in fish guts, but you wear a white shirt when you go to their business because you respect them.

Wear the same color socks as your shoes and your belt. Tuck in your best white dress shirt. If you have a watch, wear it. If you have a beard, trim it. If you haven’t had a haircut in over 3 weeks, get a haircut. Run a comb through your hair and brush your teeth before you go out to meet a client. Use floss and mouthwash. Put a pen in your pocket before you walk out the door.

Your attire is your costume in the play of life. Since you are picking up a new role in the Grand Drama, you should assume the role. You are a professional. Someone a business owner can trust. And we at Anypay have a good reputation to uphold. So make us look good. We’ll help you look good by giving you tools and professional materials you can use to activate more businesses.

You are the character who is helping a business accept bitcoin. There is no single answer to the question, “What does this character look like?” But you should put *some* thought into it and go with that. If you’re unsure, choose a clean-cut professional look. Sloppiness is not what we want.

Preparing for Success

“Oh, I didn’t expect that to happen.” 

“Um. Let’s see here. Hold on a minute. Ummm.” 

“I think I’m going to have to come back later. 

“I’m sorry — Can we reschedule this?”

– You, without prep

Download the Anypay app on your mobile. It’s in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Search for “Anypay Cash Register.” Open it up, create an account, set an address, have your friends make a payment to you, and then check out all the settings. Log out, log back in.

Then sign in to the Admin app to check out all the extra features that businesses are going to love. Anypay’s Admin app is really pro. You use the same login you just created with the app, but you log in at 

Poke around. You will see there are all kinds of charts and tables and other customizable info for business owners and their accountants to use for bookkeeping. There’s a lot you can do in there, so get familiar with it. It should only take about 5 minutes of clicking around. 

Then demo with your friend. Pretend your friend is the business owner and you are setting up an account with them. Have them download Anypay. Have your friends try to ring you up for a purchase and show them how to accept payment. Send a real payment to take them all the way through the flow. Do it with them on their iPhone, iPad, Android — whatever. So that you know what to expect when the time comes. It only takes 15 minutes to do this step.

Doing It

“Some people want it to happen, 

some wish it would happen, 

others make it happen.”

– Michael Jordan

Alright, the big scary part. Talking to people. Most people don’t like to do this. If you do, then great. That’s a real asset in this department. I find it helpful to just walk right up to the person who looks like they’re in charge, and say confidently, “Are you the owner?” Sometimes it is! And then you can do whatever you want with them because they are decision makers. 

Get a meeting with them. If they’re free now, then get right to it. If not, ask if they’re free Tuesday at noon. Tuesday at noon is a great time. Everyone’s free then. And if they’re not, they’ll propose a time instead, like magic.

“How’s Tuesday at noon?”

“Tuesday noon, oof, I’m usually busy in the afternoon — how about two-thiry, three o’clock?”

“Tuesday at 3, I’ll see you then!”

See how easy that was? It will work for you just as easily. Try it.

Okay, so say you’re at the meeting, now what? Well, you want to do all kinds of “rapport building.” Think of it as foreplay. You don’t just go in for sex right away — even if it’s that kind of a date. There’s always got to be a “getting to know you” period. Even with someone you know well. Humans like a little bit of breathing room to settle into a new interaction. We know you could just dive right in and get to the good stuff, but trust us. Give them a little buffer first. 

“How you doing?” 

Usually works just fine. A little chit chat and banter, and then they’ll signal that they’re ready to get down to business. Similarly, at the end, when everything is done and over, close with something like, 

So, got any fun plans this weekend?” 

This signals that the business part is over. We’re back to our usual selves again. We’re just a couple of guys, living our lives. That other stuff — that’s just a means to an end — it’s not terribly important. What matters is family, and your health. Even if you’re faking it, do this. An opener and closer. It’s important.

The meat sandwiched between “how ya doin” and “got any plans” is the business. What do they want? Probably more customers. How can you help them get more customers?

What if they could get new customers and make more sales by installing a free app? 

What does the Anypay app do?
1) Makes paying at your business as easy as texting

2) Tells people in the area that your business is there, and that they can use bitcoin to pay

3) Since the customer pays from their phone, there is no extra equipment to buy

Follow this checklist when you’re with the business, and you will have an easy time.

  1. The manager installs the “Anypay Cash Register” app on a secure device.

iOS – 

Android – 

Web –

  1. They open the app.
  2. They tap or click the blue text that says “Sign Up”
  3. They enter a good email address for their account. 

Note: This should be a real email because it is the one they will have to use to reset their password if they forget it. Also they will get emailed receipts every time they get paid.

  1. Have them enter their Business Name and Address.

Note: This is so people can find them on NRGCTY.

  1. In the “Ambassador Email” box, have them enter the email address that you use for your Anypay account. 

Note: The Anypay account they enter here becomes linked with their account as the Ambassador. When a customer pays them a dollar of bitcoin cash, your ambassador account receives one cent of bitcoin cash at the address you have set.

  1. Skip 
  2. Help them install a wallet like Edge on their phone.
  3. Have them set an address.
  4. If not in US, have them change the currency to their preferred denomination by tapping the Anypay icon, then “Settings” and then “Currency”.
  5. Have them generate a payment request.
  6. Have them check their wallet to see that the payment came to them.
  7. Have them check their email to see that they got a receipt.
  8. Do at least one payment to them for every coin address you set.
  9. Now have them log in to the Admin app at
  10. Marvel at all the cool stuff they can see.

That’s it. It’s already time for your line, “So, doing anything fun this weekend?” 

Remember to banter. It’s important. The whole event from start to finish takes about thirty minutes.

Dealing with Success

Okay, now that you got one, you want to milk it for all you can. Schedule meetups there, talk with the staff about their experience, and make yourself a daily presence. You want your follow-up game to be strong. The owner shouldn’t hesitate to message you if he has a question or if a customer had a problem. Of course they can have all their questions answered by Anypay Support, but the point is they’ll want to ask you. You’re their bitcoin person. You make the bitcoin work. And you’ll want to make sure it’s working because that’s how you get rewards!

Ideally, you’ll check in on the business every day because you like what they sell and you want to be there anyway. Otherwise, check in once maybe every one or two weeks. At a minimum, I’d say check in on the business in person if you can at least once a month. Buy something if you can. 

Final Steps

Once you have mastered setting up businesses with Anypay and collecting recurring rewards, reach out to us to see what cool promos we can do together. Let’s spotlight your businesses on our social media. Let’s get more customers going there and spending bitcoin and earning you money. Let’s do something fun together.