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6-Hour Coffee, Or: “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Instant Send”

This Coffee Is Delicious! Is It Double-Spend Free? TL;DR: "Instant Send" is a feature in Dash that gives you confidence in seconds that your payment is good without waiting minutes or hours for confirmation. “Let’s just open up this bitcoin wallet, and — ”  There I was, standing with drooping, glazed-eyes, waiting in line at my local bitcoin-accepting coffee shop. As my stomach gurgled its demands, I prepared my phone for payment. Uh oh. What’s this?  My last bitcoin transaction still hasn’t confirmed? How could that be, it was 6 hours ago!  Oh, no. Will my payment at this coffee shop even work? How long will I have to wait before they give me the coffee, or will the girl behind the counter just hand it to me while she rolls her [...]

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8 Ways Your Business Benefits from taking Bitcoin today

Odds are you have a friend or relative who owns some bitcoin. They tell you it is the money the whole world is going to use one day. You might be skeptical, and with good reason -- basically nobody accepts it for real goods and services yet. But that is changing. Business owners are seizing the opportunity to position their businesses for huge windfalls in the coming months and years. You have heard stories about this or that guy who got some bitcoin early and now they are retired, living on some island smoking piña coladas. Yeah, well, even if that guy isn't you, there are 8 reasons why you should consider accepting bitcoin at your business, even if you think you missed the boat or that bitcoin is totally stupid. 1. [...]

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Dash Watch Report for January 2019

Hey ho, let's go!We're generating steam heat. In January 2019 Anypay experienced a doubling in almost every metric from one year ago. We processed an average of 11 Dash transactions a day. Not bad for crypto winter. We focussed the whole month on measuring and improving our service. How fast can we generate an invoice? Got it down from 3 seconds to 1 second. How fast after payment can the invoice screen light up green? Got that down from 3 seconds to 1 second, too. What happens if we automate a bot to generate and pay invoices every 10 minutes? Boom, it works every time. Uh oh -- customers are informing us that Instant Send is broken. Shoot. What do we do? We rely on BlockCypher to forward those payments, but they [...]

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Anypay Makes good on 1 cent Fee Mistake

We charged 1 cent for 367 transactions. We paid it back tenfold. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: PORTSMOUTH, NH - On December 5, 2018 Anypay introduced a 1 cent fee on Dash transactions. On January 19, 2019 we removed the fee. During the time in between, Anypay processed 367 Dash transactions for retail merchants and collected a total of $3.67 from fees. Today, on February 22, 2019 we returned 10 cents for every 1 cent that was charged to merchants. It was a mistake to charge a fee without informing our users. We aim to make it right. Anypay processed 109.52586 Dash for our global merchants during that time. That is roughly $8,762 collected by merchants from Dash customers using our software. Anypay collected 0.045875 Dash total in fees during that time, an effective [...]

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Buys Real Goods and Services with Anypay

Before Bitcoin Cash was even born -- when it was just an idea -- Anypay users were asking if we would be supporting it. Yes, of course we would! We love Bitcoin Cash and its vision of a world where people use cryptocurrency as digital cash to buy real goods and services in their everyday lives. Our team has been using Bitcoin Core (BTC) that way for nearly a decade, but something changed: Bitcoin became perverted by new entrants to the coinosphere. Gamblers, speculators, and ideologically vapid people who saw wild profits (in dollars, mind you) swarmed bitcoin and overran it with high fees, slow transaction confirmation times, and a pathetically uninspiring vision: that bitcoin was a means to make dollars. Bitcoin became the tulip mania that all its critics always claimed [...]

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Dash Takes Hodl in Africa, South America

Forget what you heard about crypto being over. Yes, the prices of most currencies are way down from their all-time highs. But for those who look to cryptocurrency as more than a novelty to trade, crypto use is increasing organically. Look at places like Ghana, Nigeria, Colombia, and Venezuela. Cryptocurrency adoption in these places is increasing despite a bear market in crypto. It used to be that Anypay had to go out and get people to use our app. Something changed in the past few months. New businesses around the world are on-boarding without any effort from us. For example, yesterday our office was pleasantly surprised when we were tagged in a video posted to Twitter of a man using our app to buy local cuisine from a restaurant in Nigeria. [...]

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Android App, Second Merchant in Ghana, First in Venezuela, Plus Spanish Video Tutorial, more – November AnyPay Progress Report

November 2018 was the most powerful month in AnyPay development so far: We introduced a native app for Android in the Google Play Store, which merchants are now using. We gained not only our first merchant but four merchants total in Venezuela. We doubled our presence in Ghana from one merchant to two merchants. We published a Plus, one of our amazing ambassadors, "JM" in Venezuela, created a Spanish-language tutorial on how to set up AnyPay for any Spanish-speaking business owners. We maintained an uptime of 99.9% We processed an average of 14 real-life retail crypto transactions per day. We paid 1.19 DASH to our users and their customers in the form of instant Dash-Back rewards. We passed our second successful proposal to the Dash Master Node Owners Here is this month's [...]

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Yes, You Can Use XRP To Buy Stuff In Real Life

Hundreds of merchants using the AnyPay Point of Sale noticed a new feature appear on their crypto cash register this week. You can now accept XRP for payment from tech-savvy customers. XRP is the second largest crypto asset by market cap. This means that forward-thinking merchants around the world can now take instant payment from one of the most popular and widely used cryptocurrencies, priced in their native currency, and paid into their own wallets. Want to take XRP at your business? Get a wallet First, you need a wallet to store your XRP. I use Edge Wallet for Android (there is an iOS version, too). It works well and is user-friendly, and thanks to a request by AnyPay, the wallet supports the XRP destination tags in a QR code. That makes [...]

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Secret Formula for Getting Customers to Spend Crypto At Your Business

How do you get people spending at your business? If you are like most retail stores, you offer discounts, incentives, and rewards for customers and encourage repeat purchases with gimmicks like frequent-buyer punch cards. Verified merchants using AnyPay can offer Dash-Back, an instant rebate program funded by the Dash DAO. But about the large majority of merchants out there who get set up to accept crypto by a lone evangelist and then never get a single customer? It happens all the time. How often? Nobody even knows! That is why AnyPay made this proposal to the Dash DAO. We want to build a tool for ambassadors -- the people on the ground around the world who are doing the hard work of helping merchants set up wallets and a crypto POS to [...]

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