Active Merchants

From small, independent, owner-operated retail brick and mortars to large, corporate e-commerce sites — people choose Anypay to take cryptocurrency at their business because it delivers what they need most: Confidence. Instant knowledge that customers paid, with beautiful software than any of their employees can operate with ease.

One of my customers gave me this tablet so we could accept bitcoin. I get a few extra customers a week who use it. It’s pretty easy. I set it so it all gets converted to my bank account.

Roberta Mastrogiovani

Owner, Corner News

I have Anypay set up on all three of our iPads. I keep the coins. It would be great if we could pay our suppliers with them, but not yet. Also it would be nice to have it integrate with our POS, Square. For now we just open up the Anypay app, take payment, and mark it as paid in our POS. It is a few more buttons to press but our staff has no problem with it. It’s about as quick a credit card.

Victor Navarre

Co-Owner, La Maison Navarre

I set up dozens of businesses in Bangkok with Anypay so my friends ¬†and visitors can spend Dash around the city. Nightclubs, bars, restaurants — even a couple personal trainers. The biggest objection is volatility, so I show them how to connect it to an exchange so they get local money without the risk.

Sascha Jochum

Co-Founder, Dash Embassy Thailand