Anypay Welcomes Christian Paredes as Head of Sales for Central America

Jun 15, 2021

When news broke about El Salvador’s mandate for all businesses to accept bitcoin in 90 days, Christian Paredes’ phone was ringing off the hook.

Based in Guatemala, he had earned a reputation as the guy to call when you have questions about bitcoin because taught classes on cryptocurrency and has helped countless people invest and set up their business to accept it.

So when top executives at international corporations started reaching out to him this week, he went looking for a solution that would meet the needs of enterprise level clients.

In his words, “Anypay stood out.”

Hours later, we welcomed Christian to the Anypay team as the Head of Sales for Central America. He is your best point of contact for businesses that need a fast, professional solution to integrate bitcoin right away.

Here is how Christian introduces himself:


“I am an open minded and dedicated marketing professional that got into crypto assets as an enthusiast in 2013. While working in various corporate positions I gradually started to advise friends and colleagues that wanted to learn about crypto in general, eventually advising companies understand and implement crypto investments. I am convinced that this industry is here to stay and will have an exponential growth enabling many individuals and companies around the world to access financial services that were not available to them before, with efficiency and transparency. FinTech companies that take this opportunity -and responsibility- to lead the way for mass adoption of crypto assets will be the winners of tomorrow. Let’s do this.”

Christian Paredes, Head of Sales for Central America

If you manage a large business and are looking for the most professional solution to comply with the new law, you are in capable hands with Christian Paredes. He will give your business exactly what it needs.

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