“Okay, big deal. A few bucks.” Or: How Ambassador Rewards Work

Mar 25, 2020

Your phone buzzes. You check to see the message, and oh — you just got $0.50 of bitcoin. 

Later, you’re working out when your phone dings. Oh, $1.00 of bitcoin!

The next morning, you wake up and check your phone again — how about that, $2.25 of bitcoin arrived in your wallet overnight.

Okay, big deal. A few bucks. Maybe it’s not a lot of money, but what if this was happening a hundred times a day? That could be pretty sweet.

Some of you reading this newsletter are already receiving small amounts of Bitcoin Cash and Dash like magic into your wallets a few times each week. 

We call these people “Ambassadors.” They helped businesses in their town set up Anypay. Now they get 1% of all the Bitcoin Cash and Dash sales at those businesses. Pretty sweet.

Get this. A few guys in Bangkok love Dash, and they onboarded dozens of businesses with Anypay. Now they can spend Dash at those businesses, and they get Dash every time someone pays! 

But these guys did something clever. When they set these businesses up with Anypay, they made sure to also set them up to accept Bitcoin Cash. Now, they get a 1% Dash reward every time someone pays with Dash — AND they get Bitcoin Cash every time someone pays with Bitcoin Cash! They get both!

So now whenever the Bangkok Bitcoin Cash folks have a meetup at a bar or restaurant using Anypay — cha-ching!

This is great if you host meetups. Imagine getting 1% from everyone’s order, every time you have a meetup there. And once you introduce them to that great restaurant, they’ll be back again and again to pay with bitcoin. And you’ll collect 1% every time.

“But,” I can hear you say, “People shouldn’t be charged extra for using Bitcoin Cash and Dash! I don’t want to earn at their expense!” 

We agree. That’s why the coins don’t come from the customer.

“But the merchant shouldn’t be charged either! Bitcoin removes the need for payment processor fees!”

We hear you. The coins don’t come from the merchant, either.

Anypay’s software automatically sends Dash and Bitcoin Cash to these people because they earned it. They did the hard work of talking to business owners and getting them to install our software. They should get a reward every time someone uses it. 

That grows the Anypay network. And as much as we love talking to businesses and helping them use Anypay, there is really no one better than you. They’re your neighbors. They are your local hangout. They are real people in your life, and if this bitcoin thing is ever going to happen, it’s going to take lots of real conversations on the ground with local business owners. There’s really no substitute.

So we offer this incentive. 1% on all Bitcoin Cash and Dash purchases through Anypay. You set up a business, you get rewards.

So the next time your phone buzzes and you check your messages, maybe some bitcoin just landed in your wallet.

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