Anypay Leads Charge in P2P Payment Protocols

Jun 19, 2020

One of our users emailed today with a particularly great complaint. We always appreciate your critical feedback, and this one probably applies to a lot of you! The following is the complaint (with the response) for your benefit. The text has been edited to protect the user’s identity:

Dear Anypay Support,

I am having trouble using your service. I have used your service several times in the past with [e-commerce site] and had no problems. This time however, I was not given a public key to send my payment to and was only given a QR code. I attempted to use my camera to capture the QR code and it did capture but the QR code info came up as invalid in my wallet. Why have you removed the public key so I can copy and paste it to make my payments? So far this difficulty has caused me to pass on making 3 purchases at [e-commerce site] due to payment problems.

I noticed other payment services are doing the same shallow thinking by switching to only QR codes and are removing the public key for legacy users. I can no longer recommend Anypay until this is remedied. Neither your QR code works nor do you give any other options to use other than Money Button lol. And Money Button requires me to be logged in at all times (nor does it support Brave browser), so that is also a pain like QR codes are also a pain.

There are studies that show that most Americans do not wish to use QR codes, so having another option is a good thing for USA audiences. I am not sure why you would cancel a feature that your business relied upon as changes break the ritualistic behavior customers come to expect. It is hard to get customers and easy to lose them and making arbitrary changes is one way to lose them fast since humans are ritualistic and like to have their expectations met once established. 

Please know if I did not want a good BSV service to exist, I would not have gone to the trouble to write this and just found another way to make my purchase outside of BSV. 


Email sent to Anypay Support Team from a user

Darn. It looks like in our effort to improve user experience, we ruined this user’s experience! If he is asking about this, then there must be more of you out there who have the same question. So here is my response to him (and you too):

Hi there,

Thank you for writing to me and sharing your feedback! All feedback is appreciated, especially when critical. My goal is to provide you with the most delightful payment experience imaginable. I am especially happy to hear you want a good BSV service to exist, and I aim to do you proud in that regard.

So that I understand: I hear that you were stopped from making a payment 3 times because you were unable to easily make a payment. Something about the process changed. You used to be able to see the public key so you can copy and paste it to make payments. Now you can’t, and that’s frustrating.

I have good news for you. The old way still works. Here’s how:

Option 1:  Click the “Open in Wallet” button to pay with your favorite desktop wallet.

Option 2: Click the “Copy” button and paste into any BSV wallet that supports Bip270.

Option 3:  Click the QR code to change its format from Bip270 to “Legacy style.” Then click the “Copy” button and paste into your favorite BSV wallet.

So that I can better serve you, can you please tell me what wallet(s) you prefer to use?


Derrick Horton
Product Manager, Anypay
Telegram: @derrickhorton

PS: Why would Anypay do something so stupid?! 
When bitpay introduced the Bip70 protocol rather than having users manually enter the bitcoin address and amount, customer service requests and error rates plummeted 98%. You and I are pros and won’t mess up, but lots of other people do. As we introduce friends and family to bitcoin, we are moving toward this fail-proof method. Using Bip270 also allows Anypay to do amazing and unique things like provide payment tokens to BSV users so they can leave cryptographically-verifiable reviews using True Reviews, and much more. Learn more here:

Anypay Support email response to a user

What do you think of that? Is Anypay right to deprecate the legacy-style of copying and pasting addresses manually from one screen to another in order to make a bitcoin payment?