This Coffee Is Delicious!
Is It Double-Spend Free?

TL;DR: “Instant Send” is a feature in Dash that gives you confidence in seconds that your payment is good without waiting minutes or hours for confirmation.

“Let’s just open up this bitcoin wallet, and — ” 

There I was, standing with drooping, glazed-eyes, waiting in line at my local bitcoin-accepting coffee shop. As my stomach gurgled its demands, I prepared my phone for payment.

Uh oh. What’s this? 

My last bitcoin transaction still hasn’t confirmed? How could that be, it was 6 hours ago! 

Oh, no. Will my payment at this coffee shop even work? How long will I have to wait before they give me the coffee, or will the girl behind the counter just hand it to me while she rolls her eyes and think to herself, “Sure you paid, mister… And I’m the Queen of the Nile!” 

Sure you paid, Mister!
And I’m the Queen of the Nile!

I can show her my wallet on my phone! That it will confirm in about ten minutes. I swear! I mean, it usually does. It could take longer. But no more than a day!

I could use a high fee — maybe an extra $0.25 will push it along quicker. But maybe not. How am I supposed to know what fee to use? I mean, how much is a guy supposed to reasonably use for a fee if he is buying a cup of coffee? An extra fifty cents, a dollar? You’re welcome, miners.

Then I remembered something that vanquished my moment of dread: 

“Oh yeah, I have some Dash in this wallet. I can use Instant Send!”

Relief washed over my nervous, tensed muscles and my heart rate slowly returned to normal.

This shop takes Dash. Usually Dash fees are way less than 1 cent. But for a fee of about $0.01, I can pay for my coffee in Dash in a way that the Dash payment network recognizes as “This transaction is as good as done.” No waiting 6 hours for my morning coffee.

Instant Send saves the day!

Be cool, kid. Use Instant Send.

I spared you the snooze-fest on the technicals of how Instant Send works, but if you really want to know, there is pretty good explainer here.

Anypay supports Instant Send because it is awesome. If you love using Dash, please tell your favorite businesses that they can get more cool customers like you if they use Anypay to accept Dash. We even made a special website to help you convince them at

This coffee shop uses Anypay. It attracts new customers who like to use Dash. And it’s free. Learn more.