Anypay produces beautiful software that makes commerce easy.

We started in 2017 with Anypay POS, a simple point-of-sale app for retail businesses. It works in every country and requires no personal info because payments go directly from customer to merchant with no middleman — the way digital cash should be.

Anypay Map directs customers to nearby businesses and tells you who is active and who is not.

Antiwallet BCH delivers the fastest payments possible.

Anypay WooCommerce Plugin empowers your online store to accept BitcoinSV.

Finally, Energy City sews them all together in one magical experience that allows you to find businesses, pay, and tip, all with a single tap.

Our effortless Point of Sale app started it all.

Driven by a desire to spend bitcoin everywhere we go, and frustrated that business owners wouldn’t jump through the hoops that other processors require, Anypay was born. Some called it a “glorified QR code generator.” So it was.

Simple is beautiful. Installing and setting up Anypay on your tablet or mobile device takes seconds. It requires no sign-up or personal info because the customer’s money goes instantly to your wallet.

It’s the easiest way to accumulate bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Cashiers can figure it out without instructions. Tap the amount to collect, tap next, the customer pays, and the screen turns green.

Add your business to our map to attract new customers.

You sell physical or digital items online and want to take payment in Bitcoin? Anypay’s WordPress Plugin makes adding Bitcoin to your website easy. Download our plugin for WordPress, and paste in your Bitcoin address. That’s it.

Customers will love how fast and easy it is to pay, and you will love collecting those Bitcoins without any fuss.