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We help businesses take cryptocurrency. Then we point new customers there.

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Industry Leaders

Mobile apps accounted for more than 30 percent of global digital commerce volume in 2017.* However many still pay using technology invented in the disco era. Credit cards expose users to unnecessary risks like identity theft, third-party monitoring, and frozen payments.

Traditional payments infrastructure is dated and flawed. Anypay connects customers, retailers, and e-commerce sites to provide one frictionless payment experience, whether in person or across the globe.

*McKinsey, Global Payments Industry Study, 2018

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Founded back in 2015, Anypay has been a trusted industry leader in cryptocurrency payments for years. Our founders sought to make advances in the industry and helped develop much of the technology used in today’s crypto payments.

Two strong-headed engineers motivated by a desire to use cryptocurrency everywhere they go designed a system that is so easy, anyone can use it. Then, they made it free. Onward they go, eliminating all barriers between customer and merchant until none exists at all. Always in pursuit of delivering a more fun and fulfilling experience for users.

What we do


Retail Payments

Anypay facilitates direct payments from user to merchant. Crypto goes from their wallet to yours without any fees or compromising info.

E-Commerce Sites

Anypay processes crypto payments for websites while delivering the simplest, most elegant user experience.

Coin Integration

When you pay with a merchant who uses Anypay, you know it will be fast. As soon as your payment is sent, the screen lights up green. No waiting 10 minutes to an hour for confirmations.