Anypay Enterprise Payment Platform

We’ve developed a non-custodial solution for scalability. Learn how to accept anypay, anytime & anywhere.

Let us help to take your business to the next level, building secure payments into any application, system, service or point of sale (POS) without touching the money.

Anypay Cash Register

Anypay’s flagship product Anypay Cash Register is the fastest point of sale app for accepting Bitcoin & Dash for merchants.

It is powered by our whitelabel Anypay Enterprise Payment Platform (AEPP) service for businesses at any scale.

Anypay WooCommerce Plugin

WordPress powers 35% of the internet & WooCommerce runs on a quarter of the worlds top 1 million websites.

Our plugin makes it easy for e-commerce merchants to accept Bitcoin & Dash payments within a couple of minutes.

Enterprise Payment Platform

AEPP powers everything we do and it is available for every business worldwide to build the most advanced payment applications.

We love developers and our aim is to save developers time, so they can make beautiful solutions without the business worrying about in-app or back-end security as your business will never touch your clients money. We’ve created a state-of-the-art non-custodial payment solution that can power unlimited demands with an SLA uptime hovering at 100%.

Your business can finally let your developers build solutions that your clients need and we’ll make sure that 100% of all payments are built, verified, broadcasted and executed correctly.

We’ve got the best pricing model in the industry from $0.01 per transaction and lower!

Steven Zeiler, CEO & tech lead at Anypay set out on a mission in 2015 to make any payment a possibility by anyone around the world.

His vision is to make payments frictionless in any form or function. In 2020 the Anypay Enterprise Payment Platform went live to help answer the worlds scaling needs for Bitcoin & Dash.

Steven was working for Ripple Labs before he ventured into his own business and with years of hard work with focus on payments, your business can finally utilise a pristine product you can use with your own terms & conditions.