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”Anypay is a Bitcoin services business that makes it easy for merchants and consumers to use Bitcoin in commerce.”

More than anything else, Anypay are not tourists in the digital assets space. We believe in currencies like Bitcoin because we understand its true potential and the state of the current fiat economy.

Part of the appeal of currencies like Bitcoin is that they encourage personal freedom by keeping the exchange of goods and service just between the buyer and seller.

Currently there is a knowledge gap when it comes to the access and use of bitcoin. Anypay wants to make bitcoin as familiar as Visa or MasterCard at retailer and in the mind of consumers.

Anypay believes in digital assets because of certain philosophical principles such as personal freedom. We can also point to more tangible reasons such as the transparency and security of the blockchain, which makes digital assets superior to current fiat currencies.

People are inundated every day with new technologies and procedures. Anypay does not want to retrain people to use our products and services. As such, every aspect of the Anypay brand adheres to the concept of simple and easy.

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